After successfully selling their labor hire business, our client sought their next venture in the world of software development. Leveraging their industry expertise, they identified critical pain points faced by clients and conceptualized the groundbreaking Staff App.

The Opportunity

Staff App is a cutting-edge SaaS-based workforce management application designed to streamline staffing needs. With its intuitive interface, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly features, the platform caters to three key user roles:

Super Administrator – Web App: Manages business and user accounts, subscriptions, informative pages, and other dynamic functionalities.

Business – Web App: Paid subscribers who benefit from instant messaging, staff registrations, HR management, timesheets, rostering, leave and availability tracking, qualification and certification management, shift and event scheduling, staff timesheet review, acceptance, and an expense calculator tool.

Staff Member – Mobile App: Empowers staff members to access instant messaging, manage timesheets, clock in and out, update profiles and certifications, receive notifications, request leaves, and view the scheduler.


Our dedicated team of designers collaborated closely with the client to create a distinctive brand identity for Staff App. By presenting three logo concepts, each with a unique style, we allowed the client to review and provide valuable feedback. This iterative approach led to the development of a final logo design that perfectly encapsulated their vision. 

Additionally, our design team crafted a comprehensive brand guide, incorporating imagery, iconography, and font choices while aligning with the client’s company vision, mission, and values.


With the brand identity established, our UI/UX design team embarked on creating wireframes and transforming them into low fidelity prototypes. These prototypes were refined to high fidelity, encompassing the user experience for all platforms. The client’s satisfaction upon reviewing the prototypes validated our design choices, serving as the foundation for development.


Our development journey commenced in August 2022, structured into sprints. At the end of each sprint, our QA team conducted rigorous testing, and upon receiving their sign-off, we invited the client for in-person demonstrations. Witnessing the client’s excitement and approval during these demonstrations was truly rewarding, as it showcased their app concept brought to life and ready for the subsequent sprint.


In February 2023, Media Shark successfully completed the first phase of development for  Staff App. We delivered visually appealing and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android, a web application for businesses, and a powerful super administrator platform. We take immense pride in realizing the vision of Staff App and eagerly anticipate its imminent launch into the market.

The Media Shark team is dedicated to providing exceptional software solutions that drive business growth and elevate user experiences.

“Media Shark took the time to get to know the space and communicated extremely well with us”

They were great at listening and understanding our industry. Media Shark took the time to get to know the space and communicated extremely well with us. Their communication skills were outstanding.

Mark Ferguson – Staff app


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