Why you should develop an App for your business in 2020

Recent statistics show that apps will remain a major economic driver and a healthy environment through to 2024 and beyond. So how can a mobile application help your business?

It has been an interesting year to say the least with every single company seeing at least some effects of COVID-19 with endless queries for the future. We’ve been looking into ways that businesses can look to pivot their business models and how taking a more digital approach could be advantageous to your business.

Why you should develop an App

According to a revised 2020-2024 market forecast from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower it is looking like there will be a large surge in app downloads for 2020 and beyond. Consumers are using their mobiles more than ever as a reliable form of commerce, communication and entertainment with less need to shop in-store and on desktop screens. Sensor Towers forecast anticipates that mobile apps will be more centrally positioned than ever with ways consumers interact with their daily life and mobile use. ‘As a result, we foresee apps remaining a major economic driver and a healthy environment for developers, investors, and enterprises through 2024 and beyond.’ As well as Statistica stating the global app spending for Apps to reach $100 billion in 2020. So how can this help your business? And is a mobile App right for your business?

Mobile apps are definitely not just for the big name brands. More and more small businesses and start-ups are following app design trends and understanding how an effective mobile strategy is more than just a mobile friendly website and can be what really sets you apart from your competitors. You’ll start noticing that the small businesses you probably interact with everyday are starting to take advantage of mobile apps like the local store you buy your morning coffee from or the beauty salon down the road. They are the ones who are staying ahead of the digital market. 

Why you should develop an App

Advantages of Mobile Apps

Availability & Customer Service

To use a website a user needs to launch a web browser, enter a URL, and wait for the site to load. A mobile app on the other hand is speedy and generally takes a few seconds as most of the information is already built within the App and is possible to access offline. Your application will be visible to the consumer every time they scroll their home screen with a one touch pathway to your products and services at all times. Just your logo on their device can make an impression on a customer and gives them another opportunity to shop, browse or talk about your company.

At the present moment ease and efficiency is key! Being able to connect with your customers all the time and on another level will really enhance your appeal as a brand.

Why you should develop an App

Direct Marketing Channel

Push notifications mean you can really simplify direct communication and also act as reminders and prompts to your customers in optimal time.

Personalised Experience

An app provides brands with a great opportunity to offer a highly personalised user experience and form a stronger connection with customers. Brands can use customer profiles to segment and personalise communications leading to better engagement and outcomes. Consumers are expecting a personalised experience more and more with the brands they interact with now as it is slowly becoming the norm in every industry.

Why you should develop an App

Appearance & Design

The appearance of your brand at every touch point is so important, having a cohesive brand image breeds loyalty. For many online shoppers poor website navigation and poor design are reasons why consumers choose not to purchase from particular websites. A well designed mobile application can increase a brands perception of value, customers make evaluations about the ergonomics and efficiency of design the moment they click on to your website/ application. Ensuring yours is well designed will help in creating a successful experience for your customers. Mobile apps are a lot more visually appealing than a mobile friendly website and user experience is key to shopping success! The more buttons that need to be clicked and more load times the more likely customers will leave a site. 

Give Value

Using your mobile app to create offers, rewards, subscribers and customer loyalty. For example, a mobile App can be used as a tool to generate more sales, if your customers download and use your app they receive a discount prompting them to choose you over your competitors or you can set a loyalty scheme to keep them engaged and loyal and keep your users from throwing away your app ensuring continual value.

Why you should develop an App


A mobile App is another touch point for consumers and a great tool to enhance visibility. Brands can generate great brand awareness and consistency. The more times your brand is seen in a positive and professional way the more loyal they become.

How industries could really benefit with a mobile App

Sport & Fitness 

The fitness industry has seen a huge leap into the digital world with lots of people trying to stay fit at home having a mobile app with everything in one place is a perfect solution and when things go back to normal having an app that you can easily book into classes, stay up-to-date with what’s new and offer more value by having easily accessible online content, offers, products and a way for customers to easily access their account. 

The sports industry could benefit from a mobile app by keeping fans loyal and engaged for example: 

  • Enabling live streams and online sports content. 
  • Providing a real-time chat for communicating with fans.
  • Integrating a payment gateway to let users comfortably make purchases in your app.
  • Use push notifications to tell users about new content, tickets, or merchandise.
  • Fantasy sports and games.
  • Betting or competitions.
Why you should develop an App

Real Estate

Real estate could benefit from an on-demand app and could also save time and cost of prospective buyers. The app could feature:

  • Buying and selling processes
  • Offer or submission of properties
  • Real estate agents are online

Beauty Salons

Offering online content to your clients to add value and make it easy to book and amend appointments as well have the ability to send prompts, offers and loyalty programmes. An app could also be very useful to use in store as a way to store magazines, books, blogs to keep your clients entertained during their treatment and is a more hygienic option than books and magazines as you can easily clean each electronics after use and supports a waste free environment.

Hospitality & Food Services

Hospitality and food services are going to benefit greatly from a more digital approach with the need to have zero human interaction and health and safety being a priority. Since COVID-19 businesses in this industry have seen and will continue to see a huge rise in home delivery and ordering systems that are solely done online. Restaurants and bars are using electronic in-store ordering and payment systems whilst hotels and events are using more electronic check in processes. For those businesses that have had to close this could be a chance to keep your customers engaged by offering an app that could inspire them to create similar meals or cocktails etc and also offer a home delivery service and stay connected with them so the moment the business is open again they are dying to come back!

Why you should develop an App

Retail & Ecommerce

This one is pretty obvious and we would hope most stores have already set up an online platform for selling their products but if you’re a company that hasn’t or your website/ App is lacking UI or ROI then maybe this is the perfect time to look at a re-design or build!


Games! Got a great game idea this could be the perfect time to launch your idea with the increase in downloads.

Travel & Tourism

Now this is an industry that has definitely been hit hard but there could be a lot of potential for virtual travel or inspiring your audience for future travel plans and ideas. Right now not many countries are actually able to travel – who would have thought it! BUT once restrictions start to ease the travel boom will be back and what better way to keep people inspired than offering virtual travel Apps.


The healthcare system is really going to benefit from going online with the need to have zero human interaction with people who are supposedly ill, going online will really help this industry in stopping the spread of illnesses and having virtual appointments, booking systems and providing useful timely information.

Overall if there is one thing that has changed the market industry is that customers are looking for easier and more convenient ways to navigate the new normal, which comes through brands offering innovative solutions and pivoting when necessary. When customers can see that brands are innovating to better serve them, it strengthens bonds and builds goodwill. Convenience and safety are becoming the new norms that consumers are looking for when shopping with brands.

Why you should develop an App

Things to bare in mind

Does your idea or business give a reason for you customers to keep coming back? Your app needs to be engaging enough to ensure it’s successful.

Are you competitors using apps if not – great! If they are how can you make yours better can you create differentiation and make you app an improvement of their app. If your competitors are already using an app this is actually a good thing because you know it will be used, the key is to make yours better.

This is a great time to reassess your marketing and business model and see if it aligns or can be improved with the future of digital and the new normal. Any questions or ideas you may have please feel free to shoot a member of the team a message today at info@mediashark.com.au.