The Basics: What To Consider When Monetizing Your Android App!

The Basics: What To Consider When Monetizing Your Android App!

If you are a new Android app developer and you are ready to create and publish an Android app, there are a few things to consider before beginning your project.

If you want to create an Android app but do not know how to create an Android app, then take some time to first study and perfect your technique before thinking of publishing an app. You might be a talented Android app developer, however, there are certain marketing and design details to be mindful of before you begin or in the early stages of development.

Consider Good Mobile ASO

App store optimization, or ASO, is the process of getting your app to appear in the top search results and appeal to a large audience. There are several ways to improve your ASO that include having a sharp title, a good app description, an attractive app logo, and screenshots of the application. Similar to SEO, ASO takes time to develop. However, in the long run, ASO is totally worth the effort to boost your application to the top of the Google Play store. If you are a solo Android app developer, start thinking about these elements early so you have a roadmap to follow during development.

Keep Various Users In Mind And Their Needs

If you are uncomfortable with the UI, then most likely other users will be too. It would be a good idea during the planning process to consider the needs of multiple users. Today the app store is home to millions of applications, which users access from all over the world. If a user finds an app unusable they will quickly uninstall it. Have a talk with your Android app developer and monitor their progress on the app to ensure the app is accessible to multiple types of users. If you are the solo Android app developer then it would be a good idea to take this into consideration early on before developing, one good way is to talk to different types of users and see what they find ideal in an application. The most important task to do if you are in a team or solo developing is to constantly test your app with a range of users and record their feedback.


Make Sure The App Is Something People Want

It is perfectly acceptable to build your app out of passion. However, if your plan is to make money off that app, then you might be creating a long-term project for nothing. Before the development stage, it is ideal to conduct proper market research on your proposed target market, if you are unsure contact a professional marketing agency. Explore broad niche markets first and dig deeper until you have found a semi-differentiated market. The more niche a market is, the better its appeal will be. At the moment, the app store is inundated with millions of apps from several different Android app developers, so for your app to really stand out, you need to find something that you can specialize in. Additionally, you need to see if this app satisfies the want, need, or entertainment sought by that niche. If your app isn’t something the niche market wants, then most likely it will fail even though you have defined a differentiated market.

Show Your Work In Progress

No one will automatically know about your app at the time of release, which is why it is extremely important to take to social media early on. As the Android app developer pushes out new features and updates, be sure to announce them over social media

channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. People definitely enjoy seeing an app come together over time. This way, the audience can judge if it is something they would like to download and can provide valuable feedback. It would also be a good idea to offer beta versions of the app for your audience to test. This would not just give you more exposure but can also get you some rather insightful feedback on the current state of your app.

By keeping these elements in mind before and/or during the development of your app you will be able to cut-back on drastic mistakes made to the application. Make sure that the entire team is onboard with the idea after the completion of all proper research and planning. If you have done your research and taken your time, you will be on the fast track to earning money with your Android app.

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