Why is your website header design important for your site?

Why is your website header design important for your site?

With the amount of the content available through smartphones, the website header plays a key role in grabbing the users’ attention. It is crucial to have an eye-catching website header design to grab readers’ attention and motivate them to discover more about your brand. A large header, with trendy typography, has become a mainstream element of modern web page design as the user finds it more engaging.

For web designers looking to implement a header section which will create a connection with the audience, the solution is to focus on a website’s content and highlight all the important parts so that information stands out with a special featured spot in the overall header design. Also, websites that offer a consistent online experience across all devices, especially smartphones, engage better with the target audience. Mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon a page if a site isn’t optimized for the mobile phone, according to Experience Dynamics`s research.

 – Top 3 most effective UI trends that you can apply to your website header design today – 

Hero images

High-speed internet connections allow for quick loading of content and resources including 1920×1080 backgrounds which can resize automatically to fit any screen. Include a hero image in your website header design can be used to market a feature of a service or product or to highlight the selling point of your company. Photo combined with text and elements overlays presents a hypothetical scenario that relates to the product or service and connects with visitors who are looking to solve a problem.


The Media Shark Team developed the Double Jab website using a hero image as a header

Fixed scrolling menus

Fixed scrolling navigation is very easy to build with jQuery and CSS3 and it allows visitors to navigate a website from anywhere on the page, providing a better user experience. You might also consider implementing a blended navigation bar that subtly follows a user down the page with relevant links attached to it in bright colours. A proper website header design presents a sleek interface with solid uniformity and is a good alternative to the scrolling bar.

Consistent visual branding

Users remember brands that are noticeable and is presentable in a consistent way. Make sure your audience is familiar with your visual ident helps to create a connection and, consequently,  the design stands out amongst an ocean of generic logos.

A logo should be large and striking so that it takes the focal point right off the bat. For example, the logo for Theme Trust employs a large, striking design but still manages some simplicity by avoiding too many frills. The letter “T” drawn in a shield icon used in their favicon also adds some multidimensionality to the overall design. Be creative about expanding a website’s branding outside of the usual website header design – and remember a good logo carries significant influence.

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