The Best Apps For Pets & Pet Owners


The Best Apps For Pets

As we all know, dogs are Man’s best friend and for us crazy dog mums out there we want nothing more than our pups to be well fed, happy and stimulated. So let’s take a look below at some of the best apps for pets available on the market right now – WOOF!


The Best Apps for Pets & Behaviour Training

The Best Apps For Pets


Pupford is brought to us by Zac George who is an absolute master at all things training wise to help you raise a happy healthy and well behaved dog. Pupford is free to download and available in the App Store and Google Play. Users get free access to a 30 day dog training class, daily tips, a downloadable ebook much more.

The Best Apps For Pets


Puppr is available on Iphone and Android. Puppr offers step by step video instructions to help with basic obedience commands such as sit, and stay. There are over 100 lessons which are instructed by celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson. There is also a live chat option which connects you to a team of professionals


The Best Apps for Pets & Pet Sitting

The Best Apps For Pets


In partnership with the RSPCA, Petcloud is one of Australia’s most trusted pet sitting networks. You can ensure your pet is getting the very best care. All pet sitters are vetted and police checked. Not only that, there are all sorts of other services available on this app including dog grooming, pet taxis, and daycare options. 


Pawshake is an app which connects pet parents with trusted pet sitters in your area. Pawshake has been going since 2013 and was originally created by a man who needed someone to look after his fathers dog when he fell ill. Pawshake brings together a community of trusted sitters in your neighbourhood. 


Whether you need in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or day care, Rover connects pet parents with pet care providers who’ll treat their pets like family. But it’s not just about love of pets. Rover is also an award-winning technology business committed to making pet care safe, easy, and affordable so that everyone can experience the unconditional love of a pet.


The Best Apps for Pets & Pet Friendly Locations



BringFido is a well trusted app for pet travel and dog owners looking for the best hotels and restaurants that are pet friendly. You are able to book a pet-friendly hotels at the lowest prices available and If you have a larger dog or more than one dog you can use filters to find hotels that welcome big dogs and multiple pets. You can even browse hotels that don’t charge a pet fee!

Pet Stop

PetStop is a free app provided by the RSPCA that features pet-friendly venues and locations in South Australia, particularly in or around Adelaide. Search your desired location by category from the following options: cafes, restaurants, pubs & bars, dessert, wineries, outdoors, services and accommodation.


The Best Apps for Pets & Pet Health

First Aid For Pets

First Aid For Pets is a wonderful app for an emergency situation. It is an educational app which contains helpful information and life saving advice which can be used as a quick reference and connects to your local vet clinic. This app is only available in Australia currently however is available in both the App Store and Google Play.


Vet Check

Vet Check is an easy to use app that allows you to store all of your pets important information including medicine and check ups, you can easily store microchip details and even keep a track of your pet’s weight and health metrics. There is also a wealth of information developed by vet Dr Moss Siddle who has over 20 years of experience.


The Barf App 

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The Barf Diet is designed to replicate what dogs would eat in the wild, so for those who choose to feed their dogs a raw diet this app is perfect to find out the correct ratios and percentages and to ensure your dog is getting the right amount of nutrients it needs.

Pet Poison App – ASPCA

The APCC mobile app helps pet owners easily identify over 300 everyday hazards, it provides crucial information and the next steps should your pet ingest a toxic substance. The app also includes a 1 touch speed dial to the ASPCA Animal poison control centre. All information and resources come from expert veterinary staff.


The Best Apps for Pets & Pet Monitoring


Stay connected to your pet, wherever you are. Petcube is the perfect assistant for busy pet parents and the app itself connects to a camera which will sit in your home and monitor your pets activities. You will receive alerts if there is a potentially dangerous event about to happen using the audio recognition of barking and meowing.


In Conclusion

Our pets are like family and deserve the very best care, if you have an idea for an app whether it be for cats, dogs or even budgies – give us a shout!