7 reasons it pays to invest in quality content

7 reasons it pays to invest in quality content

Creating quality content for a business or start-up is something that requires ongoing attention and commitment. While it’s the fun part at first when the business is fresh and exciting, with a busy business to run, content marketing is often something that soon gets pushed to the bottom of the busy entrepreneur’s to-do list.

While pumping out blog posts and avid social media updates are important, many have been known to fall into the trap of believing that this sort of content doesn’t directly help the production chain so isn’t the best use of their precious time.

But this is a mistake!

While content won’t make your shiny product sparkle any more, and it won’t be the extra bell or whistle you need to make a difference in your market; content creates an overarching customer experience which will help you sell said shiny product.

Or, it will if it’s of a high enough standard.

If you’re not finding the time to put into producing regular, engaging content for your audience, here are seven reasons you should make quality content a priority and start investing today.

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1) Quality content gives you a point of difference to your competitor.

Of course, there are unique business ideas, but there are also many that are the same.

Gyms, digital marketing, bakeries, insurance brokers…in some industries, the only thing that differentiates you from the next person in your niche is your content.

Without content, you can’t tell your story and you can’t tell people why they should buy from you instead of Mr. and Mrs. Similar down the road.

When your business has the same vital statistics as other businesses in your area, it’s impossible to showcase your individuality without quality content.

2) Quality Content -P roves your authority.

It’s not 1999 anymore and as the internet dial-up tones started to wane, so did people’s belief that everything they read on the internet is true. A sad but real truth-bomb here, people lie!

And because people lie, your online audience has automatically become suspicious. Of everyone!

That means that now more than ever it’s essential that you prove your authority because people no longer believe that you’re the ‘best in the business’ just because you tell them so!

A stream of quality content does just that. Rather than telling people you’re better than your competitor, your audience now wants to see it for themselves. Quality content helps you show your experience, skills, and training without them even realising they’re taking it all in and starting to trust you.

3) Quality Content – Improves SEO.

While there are no excuses for not writing for your audience first and Google second, content is the perfect way to improve your search engine rankings. You can add key words and phrases to meet your audience where they’re hanging out, and you can build quality links which others will want to share.

Content that is scrappy and rushed, or worse, content that doesn’t even exist, will do nothing for your rankings which will leave your all-singing and all-dancing website with no guests at its party.

4)Quality Content – It helps you build strong relationships with your customers.

The customer experience no longer begins and ends with a sale.

Content helps you show your customers how much you care about them, how much you want them to be a part of your family, and how you’re committed to continuing the relationship once they’ve parted with their money.

The simple reason you need to build a strong relationship with your customers? Because it keeps them coming back time and time again. People buy from people, and if you’re producing content that engages and entertains an audience long after they’ve bought your product, they’ll be in your fold for as long as they need you, and you them.

5) Quality Content – Lead generation.

If people don’t know you exist, how do you expect them to buy from you? Content marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your target market and bring them into your sales and marketing funnel so you can move them down to the bottom of your funnel to become your loyal customer.

Every social media upload, blog post, and page of website copy should be created with the goal of engaging your audience to draw them into becoming a customer for life no matter what stage of the buying process they’re up to. But first, you need the leads.

Quality content is part of the content marketing strategy

6) Quality Content – Converts to sales.

Ah, the pot of gold at the end of the online rainbow. A sale.
It’s what we’re all here for after all. To sell a product, to raise awareness that leads to selling a product, to solve a problem for someone that sells a product.

Good content will always convert to sales. That isn’t a maybe, a potentially, or a cross your fingers and hope for the best kind of claim.
It’s a fact.

When you have quality content you’ve already identified your target buyer, you’ve created the messages they want or need to hear, and then you’ve hit them with an offer they can’t resist. Because you know them, you know what they like, and you know what they need.

Quality content gives you a return on your investment before your audience has had time to ask, ‘how do I buy?’

7) Quality Content – It builds your brand.

Quality content gives you as many opportunities as you need every day to get your brand known.

Splash your logo, help your audience become familiar with your font, repeat your mission, vision and key messaging time and time again and your brand will become a household name in no time.

When Mr. Gates himself said that content is king, he wasn’t lying. Content builds up an image of who you are and what you’re about and it builds your online personality. What he omitted to enforce is that QUALITY content does so much more and has the power to take your business to the next level.

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Whatever your short, medium, and long-term goals for your business, quality content will help you get there. CONTACT US today to find out how MediaShark can help you create quality content that will help you build your business and stand head and shoulders above your competitor.

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