Love it or hate it, SEO is here, and it’s here to stay.

Our Gold Coast SEO experts get results!

Our Gold coast SEO experts are here to help you!  You might think you don’t need an SEO agency. You might not understand SEO. Or you might have had a bad experience with SEO. Wherever you currently stand on the SEO platform, if you have a website, there are no two ways about it; you NEED SEO.

A slick and fancy website design, while nice to look at, is just the tip of the iceberg in functionality. Search engine optimisation services drive traffic to your website and persuade your potential customers to take action once they get there. If nobody knows your website exists, every cent spent has been a waste of your money.

But now you’ve found us, our Gold Coast SEO experts will implement the very best SEO strategies to get your website found and increase your revenue!

SEO to get the Right traffic

We get the RIGHT traffic to your site!

A Pay per click marketing agency receives a fee every time someone clicks on your website from a targeted ad campaign. While this might seem like the easy way out, getting traffic to your site isn’t the hard part of PPC. Our technical skills and sophisticated strategy mean we get the RIGHT traffic to your site.

Don’t spend money on driving useless, poor quality, traffic to your site that doesn’t add any value to your business. For every click you pay for with Media Shark, your website visitors will take action and you WILL see significant ROI.


Content is an integral part of your SEO strategy

It draws people to your site, it keeps them there for longer, and it builds up trust and authority which can make the difference between sale or no-sale.

Our in-house wordsmiths are chameleons who have the skills to write about any subject in the tone and style that suits your target market. Our content comes with a guarantee that it’s not keyword stuffed or of poor quality. It’s relevant, useful, and will build a strong relationship between you and your market.

We don’t write to appeal to Google bots, we write to appeal to your audience, the fact that we do appeal to Google bots is just a happy side-note!


Gold Coast SEO Experts!

In need of SEO services? Gold Coast-based? Keep reading…

When you choose Media Shark, you’re choosing the best local SEO Gold Coast agency the area has ever known! Whether you have a shop front or not, local SEO is vital to the success of your business as it gives you the best chance of being found at just the point someone is ready to buy your product or service.

Our local SEO strategy is an approach to search engine optimisation that is targeted, precise, and will get your customers through your Gold Coast door (proverbial or otherwise) to make sure the all-important sale goes to you, not to your competitor.


SEO Initial Consultation


SEO is a complex fellow. It’s clear that you need it, but how, when, and why often sit in murkier waters. In your initial consultation, we’ll find out where you’ve come from, where you want to go, and will define your overall business and SEO goals. Getting to page one on Google isn’t the only goal for an SEO strategy and this should tie in with much broader targets for your business.

While we discover your goals, you’ll also discover our methods. You’re in safe hands through every step of the campaign and our in-house Gold Coast SEO experts implement strategies that are completely transparent while they work and will keep you informed from start to finish.



Our Gold Coast SEO experts have the skill, technical knowledge, and experience to devise and implement a sophisticated technical SEO services strategy that will drive targeted traffic to your website and add value to your business.

From our base on the Gold Coast, SEO results for our clients speak for themselves! We’ve formulated successful SEO strategies for thousands of sites and your website is no different.

Regardless of your business or goals, our in-house Gold Coast SEO experts will work with you to get your website working to its maximum capacity.

Gauge your Current SEO Situation


If you’ve spent the past six months Google searching your own business, you might have a rough idea of where you sit online for one or maybe two search terms. But there are thousands more terms you could rank for, and quickly.
We’ll review your position with your existing customers, complete a technical audit of the back-end of your website, and use your current position to increase your ranking for more relevant search terms, not just today, but well into the future.


In reality, it’s never this simple. There’s some work involved to discover where you sit in the online world, and where you want to move to.
Your biggest competitors might not be the most obvious choices. The identical businesses and the shiny new websites are, of course, ones to watch, but your real opponents are those getting traffic that’s made up of customers who are ready to buy.
And this is where our Gold Coast SEO experts  will smash your competition out of the SEO waters!
We’ll carry out a thorough competitor analysis to identify keywords and phrases to target which will put you ahead of them in the rankings. Just when your competitors are resting comfortably on their laurels, we’ll swoop in for the online kill!


Use SEO to turn the Heat Up


While we’re upfront and honest with our clients, we can’t be so transparent with your competitors! Too much, too soon, and you’ll draw attention to your brand, and your competitors will follow suit on your strategy and step up their game.

Our strategies are all created around realistic time frames where you can get the right results at the right pace utilising the perfect balance of speed and awareness.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to SEO, not an ethical one anyway, so our strategies keep you off the radar with your competitors and put you very much ON the radar with your customers.

An effective SEO strategy isn’t a ‘do-it-once-and-you’re-done’ form of marketing. Google is ever-changing and we evolve in line with that. Our strategies are all long term and take into account the requirements of Google and the needs of your business. Our goal is to keep you ranking long after initial implementation.



Rest assured, we won’t implement a strategy and leave you in the dark.

While SEO is an ongoing process, you’ll start to see results immediately. Every month, we’ll provide you with the hard data on who’s looking at your site, how long they spend there, which piece of content got them to the site and the actions they took once they got there.

Our monthly reports give such an in-depth view of your website traffic, we were surprised to find out it’s legal to hold such specific user data! But, trust us, it is.

These insights are given to you every month so that regardless of your level of understanding of SEO, we’re completely accountable for your results and you can see that our SEO strategies work!

Maintain and Scale your SEO Strategy


Once your strategy’s in place, it’s under constant review. This is a two-sided process so when you start to notice the results (which you will!), we’ll then work on maintaining your SEO strategy and scaling it up to drive even more quality traffic to your site. “Why don’t we go straight in for maximum exposure from day one?”, I hear you ask. Well, SEO is a specific and developmental process which takes time. The stronger the foundations you lay in the beginning, the more your SEO strategy is guaranteed to stand the test of time

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