SEO Audit: 3 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them [Easy-to-understand Solutions]

SEO Audit: 3 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them [Easy-to-understand Solutions]

Common SEO MistakesEvery second more than 60k searches are performed on Google. In Australia, an average of 51% of all website traffic is generated from organic searches. Making sure you have your website fully optimised for search engine is fundamental to receiving more traffic. However, some common mistakes can kill your SEO efforts (and your budget). Here, we list the 3 main SEO mistakes and solutions that will help you to gain more organic traffic and increase your conversion rate.

Low-quality backlinks

One of the first steps that small business owners take when starting their journey into the SEO world is to get backlinks to their website. Great start point! Get links leading to your homepage will help you to increase the organic traffic.

However, a common SEO mistake is to get links from spammy blog networks and low-quality directories. How do you identify if its a bad quality link for your website? Check out these points below:

If the site is not connected to your audience, there`s a considerable chance of Google will see it as a malicious link. For example, if you are running a local business in Australia, and you get a link from a German business directory, it will not be suitable for your backlink strategy.

  • If the name of the website has the word SEO or Link in the URL, probably it`s just a site-specific to build backlinks and is not relevant to users.
  • If all the backlinks of the website come from one source, it will show Google you did not grow your backlinks organically.


How to fix it:

  • If you have  already built some backlinks to your website:

After identifying the bad link, you can create a list and disavow all the negative links in Google Console.

  • If you have a new website:

Get links from sites with high authority and relevance to your audience. For companies based in Australia, we wrote a blog post about SEO for local businesses, including the best business directories to start your link building campaign.

No internal links

Internal links are an excellent strategy to spread the authority to webpages on your website and provide additional reading to your visitors, increasing the time spent on your website. As an On-page SEO practice, in each blog post, you can add 2 to 3 internal links. It`s essential that they have relevance to the topic that you are writing about or add new information that your visitor may be interested in.

How to fix it:

Go to your Google Analytics dashboard and navigate to the Landing Page tab – Google Analytics > Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages. You can see which are the main landing pages. Select a period of the last 12 months and “organic search”. With that, you will be able to create a strategy to lead your hidden content to your website that can be relevant to your audience.

Poor titles and descriptions

Even if you rank #1 for a specific keyword with high search volume, the SEO game is not over. It is fundamental to have your titles and descriptions optimized for the search query. You need to use the title and descriptions to convince the user that your website is the one that will answer their question.

In the example below, you can see the unique selling point and the call to action are at the title and description.

Common SEO Mistakes

How to fix it:

  • To improve your click-through rate make sure that you include a clear benefit (aligned with the search intent) and a unique selling point. Finish it with a strong CTA with an action verb, like Try for free or Get started, for example.


EXTRA: Unreasonable SEO expectations and strategy

A common mistake of small business owners on the SEO topic and marketing, in general, is not to compare their budget with competitors. In the digital marketing world, it’s crucial to set up realistic expectations. If you are a lawyer, for example, and you want to rank in Australia, you will be competing for the same keywords as many other companies in the entire country. The idea here is to adapt your strategy and go local with different search terms.

If you are looking to gain organic visitors and convert them into customers, we can help you with that! We are a Digital Marketing Agency located in the Gold Coast with SEO experts.

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