MediaShark Geek Website Project
About This Project

Ding ding round two! This was the re-development of the original Geek HQ. A little bit of history required here. The original GeekHQ website was developed by the Media hark team back in September 2016. The original build was not just a website GeekHQ needed a brand, a sales machine that would capture customer data and generate leads, along with a pretty customised store.

Enter July 2017 and the GeekHQ brand had evolved and the website was to become an even bigger part of the growth of the business. Previously the team at GeekHQ worked on site in the Coffs region. What was needed was to take the business Australia Wide and for the team to be able to work remotely. We developed one heck of a booking system whereby the user purchases credits and books time slots. GeekHQ now have all the capabilities to work remotely Australia wide. The design of the site is very much headed up by the owner Chris he is a guy that knows what he wants, and it was our job to make sure we delivered the vision he had.





It has been a pleasure to work with Tom and the team at Media Shark, from start to finish their design concept far exceeded my own ideas, communication was easy and continuous throughout the development and although we only had short notice to get the site live all targets were met without issue both on time and on budget. Very highly recommended.