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After speaking with Keziah from Seraphim Escape we new we could deliver a logo that would exceed expectations. We may have gone off brief slightly but this was to improve on what Keziah had visioned and we hit the nail on the head as she was over the moon with final product 🙂

The labyrinth is created from the shape of the letters S and E coming together as a key that holds the Seraphim Escape words.



“I contacted a lot of different graphic designers to create a new logo for my re-branding, and chose Media Shark for several reasons.
First of all, their communication was fantastic. Tom asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted, and made some suggestions without being pushy in any way, that made me realise what I really liked about the logos that I did like, and what I would like in mine. He explained things very well.
When it came to price, media shark were neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but looking at the logo I ended up with, I feel like I could have paid a lot more for it. It is both direct and subtle at the same time, as well as neat and clean looking.
Media shark sent me three very different logos to look at, and every person I showed them to, thought they were fantastic, and everyone agreed on the same logo.
Not only that, but Tom listened to me, and knew how pressed we were for time. Media Shark worked quickly, but the logos they sent me didn’t looked rushed at all. When I asked to change colours and see what they looked like on some of my own images, they quickly obliged so that I could feel very comfortable with my decision.
Overall, I am very happy that we chose Media Shark to create our logo for us, and will definitely be going back to them for our future graphics. 10/10 Do recommend 🙂 :)”

Keziah – Seraphim Escape