When Paul from Ali Safe reached out through a Google search – The brief was to increase search engine visibility Australia-wide. It was made clear from the outset Ali Safe wanted an above average push and to outrank their competitors. Traffic was not all they wanted it was conversions.

Previous agencies had bought in traffic, but traffic but without conversions is about as much use as a one legged man in a kicking contest!



They had high link metrics according to all link metric tools Ahrefs, and Moz but even competitors with half the number of links were ranking above their website for majority of  keywords. The site had a lot of links due to the past two SEO campaigns run by other agencies. The links they built were considered borderline spam and downright toxic for a website’s ranking. These links can have a negative effect on rankings and this was indeed the case with Ali Safe.


What we did:

  • We started off with our famous SEO deliverables. We gather as much information as possible to understand the business and their target audience. If we are marketing to everyone we are marketing to no one. We need to understand your ideal customer even if you do not!
  • Setting expectations with the customer and realistic goals is key. We want to over achieve on every campaign we run.
  • Our strategists created a 3 month action plan that had tasks set for every day with expected outcomes and deliverables. The tasks involved cleaning up after the last agency, content, development and outreach. Taking care of the things we love.

Remember we said, SEO is not a numbers game anymore??????
We take that back…..check these numbers out!

Case Study Ali Safe


So as you can see the site was ranking for some keywords with search volume when we took over.


Case Study Ali Safe 2


Even we was shocked at how rapid the rankings increased. Although we pushed a lot of keywords to the first page, we had some keyword enter the top 10 that we was not targeting. It was time to focus in on the keywords we identified as “the buying traffic.”

Case Study Ali Safe 3

So we have dropped in rankings with keywords on first page and top 3? This must be a bad thing…..? Wrong, look at the increase in traffic 260%….  WOW and we are now optimising to make sure this traffic is the buying traffic.


Case Study Ali Safe 4

Ok so now we are where we need to be. A great 3 months work and results on this campaign. What happens now? The client is happy the enquiries and jobs are in and any extra will cause an overload of work…..We take our foot of the gas reduce the hours involved and therefore the cost to the client and maintain what we have achieved until we are instructed otherwise. 





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