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About This Project

When Alf Bucceri first made contact with Media Shark back in March 2017 to discuss a mobile App based around Soccer, a big buzz was created in our Soccer mad office. This was one we really wanted to be a part of and boy we have enjoyed the journey. Saying that the journey has only just started, Alf has big plans for the technology we have created and with the patents currently pending we could be riding this wave and working along side Alf for some time to come. Unfortunately, that does mean we are not able to give any information on how we created the app…….. as its top secret! The best thing for you to do is to visit the website, purchase the game and play Pass and Shoot for yourself! With regards to the boring stuff the app was created for Android only, although we may well be rolling out on ios in the not so distant future. It should also be said that although Media Shark developed the app the majority of the design was put together buy Alfs existing team.


About Alf & PAss and Shoot;


Alf Bucceri is the inventor behind Permasnow, Squeezy Freezy, Aussie Ice, Slushi Magic, Chill Factor, Snow4Kids to name a few.

The idea for Pass and Shoot was originally born at the end of 2016 Awhen travelled to Barcelona as a shareholder and former consultant of “Funtastic”. Funtastic is a global producer and distributer of lifestyle products and invited Mr. Bucceri to the Spanish metropolis to meet football superstar Lionel Messi during one of his commercial shoots for the “Messi Training System”.


The Future;

A series of  games are planned to follow Pass and Shoot, for more info see the Pass and Shoot Website.