Double Jab Boxing Gloves
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About This Project

Double Jab is a premium boxing and MMA equipment and Apparel lifestyle brand. Double Jab was established from a passion for boxing combined with a passion for lifestyle the result is street wear that makes you look good to Gym, Street and Eat in! Media Shark has an interest in Double Jab brand.


The Project?

The Media Shark Team have been involved in the complete start up of the Double Jab brand, including;

Product design and Development – contacting overseas suppliers and building relationships. Ordering Samples through to finished product.

Web Development – Development of entire website, including the awesome “product customiser”

Photography – We had a professional photo shoot for all website images as well as for other promotional work. Our shoot included UFC veteran Dylan the Villain Andrews and Model Rachel Rogers.

Social Media Management – Created and manage the social media channels.

Visit Double Jab – Boxing and MMA Equipment and apparel.