Picatech represents a pioneering workplace management solution tailored specifically for the construction industry. It stands as a transformative tool, revolutionizing time management, task coordination, administrative processes, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance with seamless integration.


12 Months Ongoing


After our initial briefing, our designers developed four distinct logo concepts for presentation to the client. The Picatech logo resonated immediately, requiring only minor adjustments to finalize its design. Subsequently, Media Shark created a comprehensive brand guide based on the finalized logo.


We initiated the project by conducting comprehensive user research, aiming to gain a deep understanding of the client’s workflows, pain points, and specific requirements.

Throughout the project, we dedicated multiple scoping sessions to thoroughly understand the client’s brief and objectives.

Prototyping & Design system

We established a robust design system to serve as the cornerstone of Picatech’s workplace management solution’s visual and interaction design. This system encompassed a comprehensive array of UI components, design principles, and guidelines, fostering consistency, coherence, and scalability throughout the application. By adhering to established design patterns and industry best practices, we ensured a smooth user experience and facilitated efficient development and maintenance processes.

Following this, we meticulously crafted logic documentation alongside a detailed high-level feature list and information architecture. This framework defined the organization, structure, and labeling of content within the application, enhancing usability and discoverability. Our focus was on designing an intuitive layout and navigation system, ensuring effortless access to critical information.

To further enhance comprehension, we developed interactive prototypes that vividly showcased the proposed solution, enabling stakeholders to immerse themselves in the system and provide invaluable feedback. Through iterative prototyping, we fine-tuned the user interface, streamlined workflows, and validated essential functionalities, ensuring alignment with both client objectives and user expectations.

We created high fidelity prototypes for a Super Administrator, Business Owner, Staff Web Application, Staff Mobile Application.

Armed with refined prototypes and a solid design system, we transitioned into the implementation phase, utilizing agile methodologies to iteratively develop and deploy Picatech’s workplace management solution.


At present, our development efforts for Picatech are progressing through structured sprints, each focused on specific features and functionalities. Within these sprints, our team meticulously plans, executes, and reviews tasks, ensuring alignment with project goals.

Regular demos are conducted to showcase the incremental progress made during each sprint. These demonstrations serve as opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback, validate functionality, and guide future development iterations.

As we move forward, we adhere to a phased approach, systematically addressing core components and expanding functionality with each subsequent phase. This methodical progression allows for efficient development, thorough testing, and iterative refinement, ultimately leading to the successful delivery of Picatech.

Our client is currently raising seed funding for this project. Reach out to us at business@mediashark.com.au if you would like to get on board!


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