Let’s Eat

Our client is a real foodie, having travelled all over the world he came up with the awesome idea of “bringing people together through food.”

The opportunity

The idea is for users to register on the app, entering their location and food preferences i.e liked cuisines and disliked cuisines and whether they would like to be connected with a male, female or no preference.

People looking to connect are then matched based on the above criteria. To be clear, this is not a dating app. The idea is that like minded foodies connect with each other through food.

They can then meet at a restaurant of their choice with the idea of making a new friend!

The app goes further as it then allows the user to create events at different restaurants. i.e birthday parties, get togethers etc.

This app is free to download for users however the business opportunity is the restaurants and venues pay to subscribe to the platform. They are then given access to their own web based portal where they can manage bookings, add specials and update their menu offerings.

Businesses are also able to create events and users are matched to upcoming events, where they can accept or decline.


9 Months


We began by creating 4 logo concepts, each one different in style and presented these to the client. The client was happy with the concepts and the Let’s eat! icon was chosen with a bright orange colour palette.

From here our designer created a brand guide, including the imagery, iconography and font. The client added in the company’s vision mission and values!


Once the brand identity had been created our UI/UX designer went to work on creating the UI/UX prototypes. One for the mobile app (for the end user) one for the restaurant/venue web portal and one for the super administrator. 

The prototype was created using the feature list ensuring the user stories were implemented and that we had a unique and engaging user experience.

The prototype was again presented to the client who confirmed that he was happy and this was used as the blueprint for development.


We began development in November 2021, breaking the project into sprints. At each sprint, we tested and tested and tested some more to ensure everything was working as it should and at each sprint we invited the client in to demo the progress of the app.

Client demos are always extremely exciting as this is where the client sees their app for the first time working and functioning. Nothing compares to the smile from a client when they see their app idea brought to life and they get to play and manoeuvre around on the app.



The result is a mobile application which has been developed for iOS and Android, a web based application for restaurants and venues and a web based application for the super administrator.

This app has been launched in the app store and play store and is now available for download.

We absolutely loved working on this project as here at Media Shark we are foodies too! When we heard the client’s idea all those months ago we were pretty excited at the concept as we haven’t identified any other app which offers such a great USP! 

Media Shark has made the project manageable; collaborating with them is an all-around pleasure


…the whole transition going through Media Shark has been very simple. This is the first time I’ve done any app-related work, and I’ve felt very comfortable working with them. They’re helpful in every aspect. Overall, Media Shark has made the project manageable; collaborating with them is an all-around pleasure.”

Josh Ballard
Let's Eat


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