Let’s Eat!

Let’s Eat! is a cross-platform application designed for both iOS and Android. The central vision of the client is to foster connections among people through the joy of food.

The opportunity

The application’s technical features entail a user-friendly registration process, where users input their location, food preferences including liked and disliked cuisines, and specify their gender preference for potential connections, whether male, female, or no preference.

Once registered, users seeking connections are algorithmically matched based on the aforementioned criteria. Let’s Eat! aims to unite like-minded food enthusiasts through shared culinary experiences.

Users have the opportunity to arrange meetups at restaurants of their choosing, with the intention of forming new friendships. Additionally, the application facilitates event creation at various dining establishments, such as birthday celebrations or casual gatherings.

While the application is free to download for users, its business model revolves around subscription fees paid by restaurants and venues. Subscribing entities gain access to a dedicated web-based portal, empowering them to manage bookings, showcase specials, and update menu offerings.

Furthermore, businesses have the capability to organize events, with users receiving invitations to upcoming gatherings, which they can accept or decline based on their preferences.


9 Months


Our initial step involved the development of four distinct logo concepts, each imbued with unique stylistic elements. These concepts were meticulously crafted and subsequently presented to the client for review. Following a thorough evaluation, the client expressed satisfaction with the proposed concepts. Ultimately, the “Let’s Eat!” icon, adorned with a vibrant orange colour palette, was selected as the emblematic representation of the brand.

Subsequently, our designer proceeded to craft a comprehensive brand guide, encompassing imagery, iconography, and font selections. Working collaboratively with the client, we integrated the company’s vision, mission, and values into the guide, ensuring alignment with the overarching brand identity.


Upon finalization of the brand identity, our dedicated UI/UX designer embarked on the creation of UI/UX prototypes.

These prototypes were tailored to cater to distinct user groups, including the end user accessing the mobile application, the restaurant/venue utilizing the web portal, and the super administrator overseeing the platform’s operations.

Each prototype was meticulously crafted to ensure seamless functionality and optimal user experience across all interfaces.

The prototype was meticulously developed in accordance with the feature list, prioritizing the implementation of user stories to guarantee comprehensive functionality. Our focus remained on delivering a distinctive and captivating user experience.

Following its completion, the prototype underwent another round of presentation to the client. Their affirmation of satisfaction served as validation, confirming that the prototype effectively encapsulated their vision. Subsequently, the approved prototype was adopted as the definitive blueprint for the development phase.


Development commenced in November 2021, with the project meticulously segmented into sprints to facilitate iterative progress. Throughout each sprint, rigorous testing protocols were adhered to, ensuring the seamless functionality of every component. Moreover, client involvement was integral, as regular demos were conducted at the conclusion of each sprint.

These client demos were moments of great anticipation and enthusiasm, marking the first occasion for the client to witness their envisioned application in action. There’s an undeniable thrill in observing the client’s delight as they interact with their app for the very first time, navigating its features and experiencing its functionality firsthand. It’s a gratifying experience to witness the culmination of their app idea brought to life, often evoking smiles of satisfaction and excitement.



The culmination of our efforts has resulted in the creation of a versatile mobile application, developed for both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, we’ve crafted web-based applications tailored for restaurants and venues, as well as a dedicated interface for the super administrator.

With great pleasure, we announce the successful launch of the application on both the App Store and Google Play Store, making it readily available for download and immediate use.

Our team found immense joy in collaborating on this project, particularly because of our shared passion for food. From the moment we first heard the client’s concept, we were captivated by its uniqueness and potential. Identifying a distinct USP (Unique Selling Proposition), we were thrilled to embark on this journey, knowing we were pioneering an offering not readily found elsewhere in the market.

Media Shark has made the project manageable; collaborating with them is an all-around pleasure


…the whole transition going through Media Shark has been very simple. This is the first time I’ve done any app-related work, and I’ve felt very comfortable working with them. They’re helpful in every aspect. Overall, Media Shark has made the project manageable; collaborating with them is an all-around pleasure.”

Josh Ballard
Let's Eat


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