Our client is the owner of a very successful Brisbane tattoo studio. with many years of experience in the creative industry. Kolab is a professional platform designed to bring like minded creatives together both professionally and personally.


Users can build a profile and include personal and professional images as well as links to their portfolios. Users can post to a news feed and search for potential collaborations.

There is a section for trending categories and inside these categories are mini news feeds and people who have marked themselves as professionals in this category.


2 Months


The client had a very clear vision of the logo, and with a few colour tweaks we created a striking K for Kolab which was intertwined to represent the creatives working in collaboration with each other.


Once the logo and branding was completed. Our designers began to create the UI/UX prototypes for the mobile app and the web admin panel. Initially, we began with a light theme, however we decided that the dark theme was more striking and we were right, our client was very happy with this.

We then presented the finished prototypes to our client at an inhouse demo. As we’ve mentioned before, this part is always a favourite of ours. Particularly with this client as Kolab had been an idea for many years, so seeing the project come to life was incredibly rewarding for the team

The result

The result is a clean, striking and intelligently designed UI/UX prototype for a mobile app and a web admin panel.

Our client is currently raising seed funding for this project.

Reach out to us at business@mediashark.com.au if you would like to get on board!

Their project management style was extremely professional.


I found MediaShark to be very astute, very knowledgeable, and extremely professional without being stuffy or bureaucratic. They were warm and friendly without being patronising.”

Lawrence Hocking


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