Kolab is a professional platform that aims to unite like-minded creatives, fostering connections both in professional and personal spheres. It provides a space where individuals from various creative fields can collaborate, share ideas, and support each other’s endeavors.


By bringing together professionals with similar interests and goals, Kolab facilitates networking opportunities, project collaborations, and personal growth within the creative community. Additionally, the platform offers features such as portfolio showcasing, job opportunities, forums for discussion, and events tailored to creative professionals. Overall, Kolab serves as a centralized hub for creatives to connect, collaborate, and thrive in their respective industries.

Here’s a breakdown of some key features and how they benefit users:

  1. Profile Building: Allowing users to build detailed profiles with personal and professional images, as well as links to portfolios, enables them to showcase their skills and expertise effectively. This helps others understand their background and interests at a glance.

  2. News Feed: The news feed feature provides users with a platform to share updates, projects, and insights with their network. This fosters engagement and allows for real-time interaction among members.

  3. Collaboration Search: Enabling users to search for potential collaborations enhances networking opportunities. By specifying their interests and expertise, users can find like-minded individuals or projects to collaborate with, thus expanding their professional network and creative possibilities.

  4. Trending Categories: The trending categories section serves as a valuable resource for discovering popular and emerging trends within the creative community. Users can stay informed about industry developments and explore new opportunities within their areas of interest.

  5. Mini News Feeds and Professional Listings: Within each trending category, mini news feeds and listings of professionals offer focused content and connections related to specific interests. This helps users to dive deeper into topics they’re passionate about and connect with professionals who share their interests.


2 Months


The client provided a clear vision for the logo, and through minor adjustments to the color palette, we crafted a captivating design featuring an intertwined “K” symbolizing collaborative efforts among creatives within Kolab.


Upon finalizing the logo and branding, our design team commenced the development of UI/UX prototypes for both the mobile application and the web admin panel.

Initially, we initiated the design process with a light theme; however, after careful consideration, we determined that a dark theme would be more visually compelling. Our decision proved to be correct, as our client expressed great satisfaction with the darker aesthetic.

Subsequently, we conducted an in-house demo to present the finalized prototypes to our client. As we’ve highlighted previously, this phase holds a special significance for us, especially in the case of this client. Given that Kolab had been conceptualized over several years, witnessing the project materialize was immensely rewarding for our team.

The result

The outcome is a meticulously crafted UI/UX prototype for both the mobile application and web admin panel, characterized by its sleek, impactful design.

Our client is presently in the process of securing seed funding for this project.

For inquiries about collaboration opportunities, please contact us at business@mediashark.com.au. We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships.

Their project management style was extremely professional.


I found MediaShark to be very astute, very knowledgeable, and extremely professional without being stuffy or bureaucratic. They were warm and friendly without being patronising.”

Lawrence Hocking


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