HK Certifiers

The Case Study of HK Certifiers: From outside Google top 250 to the Top #1 in Organic Search Rankings!

When HK Certifiers first reached out to Media Shark it was clear they had many years of experience within the building industry, both the private sector and local government. Deciding to go out on their own our brief was to generate a steady flow of inquiries. As their website had just been developed by Media Shark, our marketing team worked on an SEO strategy based on keywords with buyer intent and a strong focus on the location. 


HK Certifiers offer services based around construction certification and private certifiers, the location of their leads played a crucial role in this campaign as it was a low budget campaign and Harry had to travel to the location of the enquiry. Across one year HK Certifiers doubled the number of jobs per month and now have a conversion rate of 50%. According to WordStream study, HK Certifiers is way beyond the average conversion rate for its industry, which is around 7%. 

Services Included: SEO, Web Development