National PhD Programme

Media Shark’s inclusion in the Queensland Government ICTSS.13.03 ICT Services Panel became a pivotal moment that sparked the interest of the Department of Education. 

Recognising the need for a robust IT solution to manage IT scholarship processes within the National Industry PhD. Programme, the department approached us, and we were delighted to collaborate.

The opportunity

The Australian Government’s commitment to fostering research talent and industry collaboration is evident in the allocation of $296 million for the Increase Workforce Mobility initiative. A portion of these funds is dedicated to establishing the National Industry PhD Program, with a goal of introducing 1,800 Industry PhDs over the next decade.

In response to an invitation, Media Shark showcased conceptual ideas for a National PhD platform. Our UI/UX team then diligently designed high fidelity prototypes tailored for both the Super Administrator and Univeristy, providing a tangible preview of the platform’s potential appearance and functionality.

This transformative platform, if fully realised, was anticipated to benefit 42 Australian universities by simplifying and streamlining the application process for the National Industry PhD Program.


9 Months


We began by creating 4 logo concepts, each one different in style and presented these to the client. The client was happy with the concepts and the Let’s eat! Icon was chosen with a bright orange colour palette.


Once the brand identity had been created our UI/UX designer went to work on creating the UI/UX prototypes. One for the mobile app (for the end user) one for the restaurant/venue web portal and one for the super administrator. 


We began development in November 2021, breaking the project into sprints. At each sprint, we tested and tested and tested some more to ensure everything was working as it should and at each sprint we invited the client in to demo the progress of the app.

Client demos are always extremely exciting as this is where the client sees their app for the first time working and functioning. Nothing compares to the smile from a client when they see their app idea brought to life and they get to play and manoeuvre around on the app.



In the culmination of this collaborative effort, Media Shark proudly presented two fully operational prototypes. These prototypes exemplify the potential, innovative and functional capabilities of the software, poised to usher in a new era of efficiency within the realm of IT scholarship processes for the National Industry Ph.D. Programme.

Thanks Tom, you are a legend in your field!


I am so glad I went with Media Shark. Tom and his team built an App to be very proud of. All the bits and bobs I wanted were there. Tom and his team can solve any problem and are extremely knowledgeable and professional during the build phase and beyond. My end product was exactly what I wanted. Media Shark should be happy and proud that they have built an App that will grow my business bigger and stronger moving forward.”

Jason Piddington
Jay’s Food Emporium


All our custom projects are covered under the Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, as a leading software development company we have taken permission from some of our clients to showcase their projects so that you can get a better understanding of our work.

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