Outreach Guest posts – The sales of the SEO world!

Outreach Guest posts – The sales of the SEO world!


Outreach Guest Posts – Firstly, I would like to point out that I am far from an SEO expert, Yet I bet I can gain a link from an article published on an edu or .gov that is relevant to the niche of your site within a week!!!…. That is the truth and I only started to outreach for guest posts around 4 months ago. Since then I have;

.Edu links – One certified digital marketing trainer have become an official partner of Media Shark
.Gov links – Regular blogging spot and partnership built.
Jeff Bullas – Approved blog publish in September
Countless High-quality RELEVANT domains.

I have probably spent all up if you add together the bits and pieces 1-week working full time on outreach…not an exaggeration…..I did not write the articles! Just this one.

This must make some seasoned SEOs feel sick! I would say that my contact list for high-quality sites willing to give me a spot on their blog or elsewhere on their site is better than people that have been working on it for years. When I first heard of outreach I took very little notice and left it to the people I thought where the SEO experts, it was only when I was contacted by someone representing another site, I started to take an interest. They were reaching out and looking for a backlink from Media Shark, that guy that reached out to me now freelances for me doing the same job.

There is so much more to outreach guest posts than just gaining a link but you must have your eyes open to see it.

Get Noticed.

Firstly, I receive somewhere in the region of 100 emails a week for various outreach purposes around 20 squeeze their way into my inbox and get marked as spam pretty quickly. The reason I read the email from let’s call him Chris is because he was very direct about what he wanted and he was in my opinion very open and direct about what he wanted. Here is original email is below;

Subject – Article Sponsorship (Advertising)


My name is  , and I work for  , a new but already successful website builder.

I was looking for ways to promote the visibility of  , and I’ve found your website mentioned as a high quality one. I really would like to have   mentioned on your website and would be interested both in a new article or in a mention in an old one. 

We here at   wanted to take website building one step further and make it accessible to anyone. We rely on the fact that our expert IT and design teams know which page structure, color scheme, image size, homepage configuration and other parameters would be ideal for any business. That way, we’re pushing users to keep their websites looking clean and professional, thus reducing the risk of creating poor and unprofessional looking pages. On top of that   is so easy that you can manage your site even from a mobile. If you’d like to know more about it, you can watch a short video about us  https://www.youtube.comm/ 

 I understand that writing an article is hard work, and so is promoting it on Google. Therefore, I’m more than happy to pay a fee to be mentioned in it. One fundamental error that he did make was to offer to make payment for a link this is a hug NO NO in SEO terms if Google hears you’re paying for links you will be hit with a penalty, also stay well clear of link swapping – in the right case we would do a three-way exchange but rarely do we except a link in any other way then within our article or bio.


I am certainly not saying that this template is great, not even good but to me (the person that was receiving the email) it was almost perfect. So, in this case, it’s a great job because it comes to me I read and I replied. What worked for me on this email was he told me:

  • Who he is and where he is from.
  • What he wants
  • What he is willing to provide for it

I did not have to read between the lines and guess what he wanted, his subject said it all. Having the right subject is key to getting your email read, poor subject = Delete!

Your subject needs to grab the attention of the person reading it and above all not look spammy! The way you write your subject should vary vasty pending on the type of websites you are targeting.

One I received from Ahrefs read – “worst outreach email ? “some reverse psychology there

This brings me nicely to my next point.

Know your audience

So many outreach emails are just not telling the person the reason they are making contact, they are almost making it harder for the company to reply by what they are not saying. Most people these days have heard of the saying if it’s too good to be true it probably is. So when you’ve emailed a seasoned professional in their field telling them you have been reading their blog and noticed a link was broken, but do not worry I have the perfect article that suits this broken link! It’s pretty obvious something is amiss.

What do you think they think? Here is my thought process;

  1. This person is up to no good – Scammer delete.
  2. This person is clearly just after a link – delete.
  3. This person is clearly after a link but hay if it’s any good and its free I might take it. (These are the ones your fishing for with this style of outreach)

I am not saying it’s a method that does not work it does, but why make it so hard for yourself by being sneaky and remember when you’re doing this there is literally thousands of other SEOs all over the world doing the same thing. Chances are the person has already been approached by someone else who just stumble upon the link and had some great content for them too. I see seasoned SEOs and bloggers on well-respected sites still giving examples of how this is a great way to outreach, to me it may have been back in the Y2K but not anymore, my friend.

Don’t insult peoples intelligence if you are emailing a digital agency and you are after a backlink no matter what story you spin they are going to know! So be honest tell them what you are after. Just make sure what you are offering them outweighs what you are asking for in return, or at least they need to believe that. It is what you would call a win-win, and when you become a successful outreach Win Wins are all you want. You should not look at it like trying to get one over on the website owner, sneaking your link in without them realising! instead look at it as you receive your link in return for your gift.

Let’s say you have a website that sells products for children development aged 1-3. In this case, there will be a good chance the webmaster does not know you are looking for a link, but what are you after they will ask? You must want something?? This is just how people’s mindsets are these days.


Who NOT to reach out to?

Avoid anyone that has “write for us” on their site. This is who every overseas or not so good SEO company is reaching out too……If you can even call it outreach that is. Just in case you’re new to this anyone that is asking for money in return for a link, do not touch with a barge pole.

In addition to this, reaching out to companies that do not accept guest posts from anyone and everyone will earn you a lot more authority and often means you may well have opportunity to build relationships with the business you are speaking with.

With Google recently announcing that they are going to be penalising outreach that have spammy guest posts it is even more important to avoid “paid” and the “write for us” style sites. Any adds with weight loss or Viagra on the sites your looking at and you could not be further from where you should be.

I should add – Top rated blogs i.e Jeff Bullas e.t.c who do accept guest posts are top draw, however they want to check your articles and previous work before they entertain you putting a piece together.


.Gov and .Edu – Pick up the phone.

I know the first thing the seasoned SEOs will say is “.Gov and .edu links count for no more than a powerful .org or .com but being honest they are the holy grail of link building. When I first set out, gaining a .gov and .edu was my main target. I also needed to make sure they were relevant, I was not just after the .gov, it needed to be related the field that I am working within. The .gov link I gained actually wanted me to be self-promotional about my company….. Seriously not only did they want us to write for them they suggested the title “how to get the most out of employing a digital agency. 12 things to consider when hiring a digital agency like Media Shark” happy days ? when dealing with .gov or .edu I believe trying to gain links through email outreach is very difficult. You need to have a reason for them to want you to write for them, for example something community based always goes down well, or student based i.e “we are running a competition for Entrepreneurial students in the digital marketing field and we are offering free content to Government blogs”. You may approach a local Uni e.t.c offer a $1000.00 voucher for the winner …. you get the idea. Often you’ll get a good ROI;

For example, 50 students providing 1500-word quality blogs you could be talking about $10,000 worth of articles there from a quality content writer.

Now you have a reason to contact that .gov department by email you’ll tend to hit far too many hurdles, for me it was all about picking up the phone, calling the department speaking to the decision maker and explain what you are doing. Most of these agencies will be more than happy for you to provide content for the blogs especially when it’s for a “good cause” you just need to have the right “in” for them to listen. For me this was so much easier by phone than emailing, but you must be able to convey yourself professionally on the phone and have the ability to build rapport and relationships. Many SEOs are more comfortable with an email then they are a phone so for these guys these links may always be difficult to come by.



Your product must be of the highest quality.

Remember this is sales, with a difference! When you’ve sold your product in outreach if it disappoints, it does not even need to be returned, it simply will not be posted. If you do not provide quality content you have no chance. That does not mean you need to be a great writer yourself it means you need to find one. You must be willing to invest in your product if you want success through outreach guest posts. If you get someone off Upwork charging $25.00 for a 1000-word article I can assure you that you will not be getting your articles published on top level sites.


Forget DA and think relevancy.

I truly believe that DA is one of the most overrated aspects of ranking the value of a website. How many high DA sites sell of their links as though they were smarties? How many High DA sites send spam emails offering you a position on their fantastic sites for a small fee? To me DA has a little say in how I value a site, but it is by no means a deciding factor. Just because a site has a DA of 50+ that info alone tells me nothing in the sites value.

For me it’s all about relevancy, how relevant are the sites I’m targeting to my business? The traffic the site receives is also big factor for me, being an Australian business, I would rather gain a backlink from a site that is receiving 500 organic traffic a month that is Australian and a relevant site, as opposed to a site receiving organic traffic 10k with 9k coming from India 900 US and 4 from Australia in a non-relevant niche.

Still today many SEOs value their links purely of DA I believe these guys do not give Google the credit it deserves, and moving forward I believe they will fall further and further behind as the power of Google algorithms is ever increasing.

Summary of how to outreach blog posts

I could go on and on with more points on this topic but I believe the above will give you a good start and outlines the important points. If you have comments to add on any of the topics above I think I have missed some important points please comment away.

If you’re looking for assistance with your Outreach guest posts and link building strategies reach out to a kick ass company such as Media Shark and let us build not only your links and authority but you’re your brand and relationships.