Mobile App Trends 2021 – 5 Mobile App Trends To Watch Out For!

2021 Mobile App Trends – While 2020 already showed us that plans could go down the drain any time, there’s no denying that developments in mobile app technology are hurtling along just as fast as time seems to be. With the transition from offline to online imposed by the pandemic, new trends in mobile apps are developing. Statista report shows that there are more than 2.5 million apps at the Google App Store and 1.85 million available at Apple’s App Store. 

2021 is set to be the most significant and evolutionary year, yet in mobile app technology. If you’re considering developing a mobile app, now is the time to get up to date with the latest mobile app trends. We all know that having a point of difference sells, which is why mobile app developers all over the world are continually looking for more advanced software, better hardware, and more sophisticated development tools.

Mobile App Trends 2021 #1: 5G technology

5G is the natural evolution of previous generations – 3G and 4G – and brings as a differential not only more internet connection speed on cell phones, but other applications that could revolutionise society, such as connected objects and smart cities.

According to experts, 5G will allow more than 1 million devices to connect per square meter. The proposal is to make everything connected, such as cell phones, cars, refrigerators, washing machines and security cameras, among other electronics.

Videos for mobile devices promise to be almost instantaneous and without interruptions because of the broadcast. Video calls, on the other hand, should become clearer and less irregular. At the same time, exercise devices can be used to monitor your health in real-time, notifying doctors as soon as there is an emergency.

Mobile App Trends 2021 #2: Beacons will be even more popular

Beacon technology has been around since 2013, initially established as a product of Apple. Small transmitters pass on information to smart devices to make location-based marketing much more efficient.

The beacons can track and trace who has searched your product, taken action based on it (such as a store visit) and even made a purchase. There’s no denying that beacon technology takes the efficiency of a Google ads campaign to the next level!

In 2021, we can expect to see beacon technology further integrated with mobile apps to streamline targeted marketing campaigns executed with even more precision.

Mobile App Trends 2021 #3: Cloud services

The capabilities of the cloud remained a bit of an urban legend among consumers after its use increased in popularity approximately ten years ago. While it’s storage, networking and technological capacity have never been questioned by those in the sector, those without firsthand experience remained wary.

As cloud-based technology becomes much more the norm across homes and businesses in 2021, we can expect more apps integrated with the cloud to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and enhance the user experience of mobile apps in 2021.

Mobile App Trends 2021 #4: Superior app security

With the spike in mobile app usage in the last months, it is natural for people to use them to access and store important and confidential information related to work or leisure. As a result, any security breach can result in serious problems like theft of money, disclosure of embarrassing information and other issues for its users.

Because of it, security and privacy have become more critical than ever, for experts and users. Just to give you an example of it, in the US, there was an increase of 50% of mobile banking since January 2020. In the result of this growth, the FBI released a warning about mobile bank fraud. 

Mobile App Trends 2021 #5: Rise in wearable technology

Since Fitbit launched the first wearable exercise tracking device in 2009, wearable technology in the form of watches, jewellery and headwear is on the rise.

Garmin, Apple and Samsung are the main – but by no means only – players in the smartwatch game and apps that integrate with their wearables are a much more vital element of their performance than they were 12 months ago.

With wearable technology now looking less like sports trackers and more like fashion statements, wearable technology is more appealing to a broader audience and integrating apps with wearables in 2021 must be considered.

Over to You

With the huge expected advancements in the field of mobile apps are surely going to make our lives easier and so much convenient. The digital transformation is happening at full blast. This is enough to leave you inspired and start working on your own mobile app, what you say?