Marketing Lessons from Tiger King Netflix’s series

You already realised that Tiger King is the current buzz. With more and more people looking for non-COVID-19 content during this period of self-isolation, memes, tweets and articles about Tiger King are all over the internet.

Released a month ago, the 7-episode documentary is the second most-viewed production – only after Stranger Things – on the Netflix in 10 days. In US only, more than 34 million people already watched it, according to Nielsen report.


But, what can you learn from this series and apply to your marketing strategy?

Timing is key!

It would be very naive not to consider that the buzz caused by Tiger King in the last month is directed related to the current time. 

With people having more time at home and tired of content about COVID-19, the series had every opportunity to take our screens.

The biggest part from a marketing perspective is that time is key. It is crucial to be in front of your client when they most need you. Take into consideration the feeling and emotions of your customer during the time you want to publish or share content. After all, timing matters.  

The power of a good story

Storytelling plays a huge role in this bizarre and unbelievable documentary series. The documentary begins with Joe Exotic Carole Baskin and their love for animals, “Tiger King” quickly devolves into the complex and creep tale of the rivalry between them.

PS: Tiger King was produced by the same studio that released “Fyre Festival“, another intriguing documentary that we highlight in another article)