9 perks of hiring a local mobile app development agency

Local mobile app development agency One of the most common concerns that entrepreneurs have when planning the development of a mobile app is who to hire for the project. The main options are: contract a local agency, outsource the development overseas, build an in-house team or hire a freelancer. Making the correct choice is imperative to the success or failure of the app development, as only 0.01% of commercial mobile apps succeed, according to research published by Gartner


Here are 9 perks of hiring a local mobile app development agency that you need to know before starting your project. 


1. Expertise

If you are looking for a smooth development process one thing you need to make sure you and the development team have down pat is the interpretation of features. By that, we mean that all the professionals involved need to understand the features in the same way. Sounds basic, but this is one of the main reasons developers and clients do not end the relationship as well as they started, and a misinterpretation of features will cost money and time. 

At this point, the main difference between the local agency and the other options is in the ability to see the whole process. Agencies are better prepared to go beyond programming. That is, to understand what are the most common and accepted practices by users and the necessary features.

Freelancers are usually known for their technical ability to develop the app. However, they will not always see the big picture or understand the importance of a specific feature of your app or understand why it is vital for real-world use. With an offshore development team, communication and cultural differences can hinder the development process. 


2. Smooth workflow

When you work with a local mobile app development agency the whole process will be smoother, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in software development yourself. With a local app development agency, you will be able to follow all stages of the application development closely. In another blog post, we explain all the stages of app development


3. Dedicated team

One of the main aspects that will guarantee the success of your app project is the choice of a team with sufficient experience and qualification to execute it. Every company and developer has a portfolio showcasing their best projects, make sure that you check it out before signing up. Generally speaking most startups believe an in-house team is the best option, However, the cost, time expended in the hiring process and staff turnover can soon turn the best option into a regrettable one! 

4. Local insights

When you hire a local app development agency, you also gain the local knowledge of its professionals. The team involved must know the particularities of the target audience of the application. It will make the wireframe phase and prototype stage much smoother, which definitely has an impact on the project cost, time and success. 


5. Local agencies care about their products

Local agencies have a reputation to sustain. They care about the product they deliver and their customer service. On the other hand, for companies based overseas, a badly managed project will not damage their reputation so much as it would be with a local agency. Have that in mind! 

6. Security

The big risk of hiring an overseas company or a freelancer developer offshore is that if part of the contract is not followed, the legal process will become a nightmare and will often have no solution. We always recommend to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) but if the development company is based overseas its very difficult to properly protect your IP. 


7. Quality Assurance & Maintenance

Apps need constant updating. In addition to fixing any errors and bugs, you must listen to the main demands of users. Agencies are prepared to offer support and updates whenever your company needs it. If the team that carried out your project is modified, your application will not be damaged, since the form of development is well documented.

However, freelances or offshore companies will not always be available to modify your app. In that case, you will need to find another professional. If development has not been documented, there will be greater difficulty in the process which may be more costly for you.


8. Fixed-price

With a local mobile app agency, you have all the features included in a contract, and the project has a fixed-price, which will make the process easier. 

The cost of developing an application overseas is one of the biggest attractions when compared to local agencies. A 20-person app agency located overseas is likely to cost much less than a 20-person app agency in Australia. However, what may initially seem to be a way to save money, in the end, the investment is much higher than that calculated previously. 


9. Business knowledge

When hiring an agency, you will be guided through the entire process of developing mobile applications. This will minimise errors and increase your application’s chance of success.  


We hope this info helped and if you have any questions regarding the app development process do not hesitate to contact us!