Lack of inspiration? What you can do to get your mojo back

You started the year full of energy, all batteries recharged, but as the days go by, you feel a lack of inspiration and creativity. We have all gone through this. 

Demotivated and with lack of inspiration has an impact on business profits. Research published by the Smith’s School of Business reveals that inspired employees are 21% more likely to leave their companies. On the other hand, companies where staff are engaged with projects have 15% greater employee productivity. 

As we are a creative agency, we can not rely on eureka moments. Yes, let’s be honest, sometimes the best ideas come from the time that we are more relaxed, having an informal chat or playing a table tennis match (perks of working in a creative space). But rely that on aha-moments would not be achievable in the real world. That is why we want to share some tips that we use on a daily basis: 

How to Get Unstuck & Become Creative by Jim Kwik

There is a fantastic video by Jim Kwik. He uses the analogy of a way of thinking of a child, a beginner’s mind, to explain how can you make progress and get unstuck. 

Also, he uses an acronym to set yourself free whenever you’re feeling stuck, and help you get back on the path to getting the results you deserve. 








Now it is the time for inspired companies

Recently, I came across what some people call the “airport book”. The title caught my attention and guess what, there are useful reflections inside it. Inspired Inc. – Become a company the world will get behind, by Lisa MacCallum and Emily Brew.

Combining 30 years of experience at Nike, the authors explain how the media revolution is changing the concept of competitive advantage. Without getting too technical, there’s something that we all can apply in the projects that we are working on. They mention cases of big companies that have the crowd behind a brand, but here we can use the same concept for any sized project. The called it a framework for Inspired Companies, and it is based in 3 pillars: inspired mission, inspired action and inspired profits. 

– Inspired mission: pursue the “why” this project exists

– Inspired action: authenticity pursuit

– Inspired profit: value created when the crowd is onside. 

When you lack inspiration, remember this concept is a helpful exercise to deliver something awesome for your clients. 

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Another way to get over the lack of inspiration is to put aside the fear of failure. Failure is a big motivator killer. Most of us look at fault the same way: that our effort means nothing and that we don’t get what we want.

This is a misconception. You haven’t failed at something, you’re just looking at failure the wrong way. Failure is a feedback system. It tells you what you did wrong so that you can have the opportunity to correct, reflect and grow the next time.

A TEDTalks promoted by the Aston University touches specific this point. Check it out



We want to know what are your tricks to get your inspiration back! Let us know. We would love to hear from you!