How to Compress Photos for your website & speed up loading time

How to compress Photos:

There are many photo compressor tools available like online websites (free & paid version), application & photo editors like adobe photoshop that you can use to lower the size of your images for an easier page loading website.

One of the best ways to speed up your website is to use optimise or compressed images or photo by cropping, changing dimensions or changing the formats for your website that will help to a faster and quicker page load time. But question is , How to compress photos without losing their quality and dimension.

Like I said, there are many website and software available on the internet that can help you in image compression. I have a list of the best image or photo compression and I’m going to talk about them one by one.


Best image compression tools:

1: JPEGmini (App):

  • Free & Paid service

JPEGmini is an application available for Desktop and Mac. it can help you to compress your image up to five times without loosing original quality and dimension and the best part of it is that it can compress your images automatically after a drag and drop or by choosing a folder to the app.

2: Shrink O’Matic (App):

  • Free service

This application provided by Adobe and we all know ‘Adobe’ is one of the best software producer company in the world. With this app you can resize your images or photos easily and also you can customise settings for image quality, output format, location, name, size and best thing is watermarking.

3: (online service):

  • Free service

This is an online service provided by the yahoo! developer network. It is one of the best online services I’ve ever used because it’s compression technique is lossless means it compress your images or photos without losing their visual quality.

4: Image Optimizer ( Both App and Online service):

  • Free & Paid service

This is available for both Desktop and Online service. This will allow you to compress your images with custom settings.You can customise width and breadth too in this app and also in online service.

5: CompressNow (Online service):

  • Free service

This is a free online service. This also allows you to compress images with compression percentage so, you can choose compression percentage according to you for image quality.
one odd thing I found in this service which is, it only supports only three format jpg, png and gif with the limit size of 3MB.

6:- Image Optimizer (Online service):

  • Free service

This is an another online service for compressing your image with upload size limit almost 3MB. you can also enter URL to download images from web and compress automatically.

7: JPEG Optimizer (Online service):

  • Free service

You can use this service image optimisation with compress level up to 99 so, you manage image quality according to you.

8: FILEMinimizer Pictures (Online service):

  • Free service

This service also allows you for image compression with an extra feature that is, you can send the compressed image using email or directly upload them on facebook.

How much compressing photos is important for your website:

There are many tools to check your page loading speed & receive an insight for your website. Among the best of these tools are Gtmetrix, Pingdom & Google PageSpeed Insights.

By analysing your website with these tools, you will instantly find out that you have page speed loading problem or not and if you do, it’s a wise decision to do the following to fix this issue.

  1. Try choosing a better web hosting service
  2. Try to compress your images
  3. Try to use cache for your website
  4. Try to get rid of outdated plugins or modules
  5. Try to use CDN


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