Netflix recommendation: The Great Hack

The Great Hack is an eye-opening thriller released at the end of July bringing forward the discussion about the use of personal data.

The Great Hack, an amazing conspiracy documentary about Cambridge Analytica, had set tongues wagging at Media Shark office this week. The thriller was released at the end of July and shows how data was misused on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, where Cambridge Analytica was able to form a model with thousands of data points for every US eligible voter, accurately predicting their personality and creating individual level targeting content to influence voters behavior. The film distributed by Netflix put the light on one of the most complex scandals in recent history. 

Data exploitation is not the future – it’s already here. Just to quote Brittany Kaiser ex-Cambridge Analytica during an interview included at The Great Hack: “Data is the most valuable asset on earth.” However, we can`t turn the wheels back and we go fully off the grid – unless you want to completely disconnect yourself from everybody else – how this scandal will impact our industry going forward? We believe consumer and user data will become better regulated and business will need to adapt themselves to be more transparent. 

If you would like to sink your teeth into this topic, check out the videos below:


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