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App Developers Gold Coast! Enterprise apps the easy way.

Immerse yourself in today’s digital era where Media Shark, App Developers Gold Coast create responsive mobile and web-based applications which focus on capability without the complexity.

Smartphones and handheld devices are now a household commodity and mobile apps are a convenient and accessible channel which put you, quite literally, at the fingertips of your consumer, 24/7.

Whether your organisational goals are focused around making sales, engaging with your users, or a combination of both, Media Shark App developers Gold Coast provide a cohesive app creation and development service which starts at the beginning and ends with your success.

App Developers Gold Coast Design UI
App Developers Gold Coast Design UI

What can you expect from our Gold Coast mobile app developers?

If you’re not in the know, app development can seem overwhelming and daunting so we want your experience to overflow with the appy goodness that we know and love.

Our Gold Coast mobile app developers are more than just a bunch of tech-heads gathering dust behind a screen (during office hours, we can’t speak for our spare time!), and we want to get to know you. We want to understand you and your business goals, and we want to share the app-love around like a big group hug! Building an app is a significant milestone for your business and we’re here to make the process as enjoyable to you as it is beneficial for your business.

Pass And Shoot App

Media Shark Developed the Pass and Shoot App, a multi-function football training aid and game that combines the finesse and score keeping of an online app with the excitement and fun of a real-life football game, GOALLLLL!

Platforms our App Developers Gold Coast Work On

iOS doesn’t begin and end with iPhone app development. Gold Coast has its own Apple store and one look through the front doors will show you the broad range of devices the App Store caters for! With a rock-solid working knowledge of iOS and its capabilities, our app development team creates apps that integrate across a range of iOS devices including the iPad and iPod, while providing a seamless experience for the whole family.

Familiar with the red ‘update now’ notification? We’ll take care of those too with an ongoing bespoke application development service uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Creating an app for an Android device is far more intricate than simple design and implementation to meet the needs of the market. Android devices have a large variety of screen sizes and makes and models to consider which can present a challenge for a regular design and development team from the outset.

But not ours!

They say a good Android app developer, Gold Coast based particularly, is hard to find. But your search is now over!

We are competent, skilled, and experienced in creating Android apps that reflect the versatile specifications of the broad range of Android products and don’t miss a beat when it comes to implementation.

The Android market is a large one, and mobile apps for the Play Store are your way to break it.

A web-based application means business security for you, and flexibility for your client. Web apps that don’t rely on installing clunky software mean that wherever there’s an internet connection, your clients can reach you and your product.

We are competent and experienced in a range of programming languages including Java, JS, PHP, C#, C++, SWIFT, Python, Shell, Ruby, and Objective-C so we’ll choose the most appropriate code to meet the requirements of your consumer.

Taking ten steps above ‘just’ design and implementation, our assimilated custom web app development services encompass integration with existing software, third party API, and the building of API endpoints.

Everything we do helps to create a system that makes it easier for your clients to choose you.

Regardless of your handheld device of choice, there’s no getting away from Windows as an operating system. If it’s not on your phone, you can guarantee it’s on at least one of the laptops, tablets, or personal computers running in your home or business.

Our Windows app developers take the new possibilities Windows offers and makes them your reality. We stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies which allows our top mobile app developers to design and implement applications for multiple product families running Windows 10 and the preceding Windows Phone Operating System.


Are you interested in app development? Gold Coast based?
Our flexibility enables us to customise a unique app solution to meet your exact needs. The app world is fickle and ever-changing and for you to receive the most benefit to your business, it’s vital that your app responds to the evolving needs of the market.
Our app development services are all delivered by an in-house team to guarantee you receive a service that is personalised, seamless and covers every detail from start to finish.
Choose from one, or all, of the following services or let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor make a solution to work in conjunction with your budget and requirements.

How our App developers get your results

UX UI Design Media Shark

The Most Experienced UX Designers

Media Shark App developers Gold Coast, believe an app must be easy-to-use, accessible, and provide a pleasurable experience for the user. Our UX designers have this process down pat and will design and produce an app which has the needs of the user at the heart of everything they do. We guarantee a significant return on your investment of both your money and your time.

info card ninja

The Most Talented Code Ninjas

The secret to your app’s success lies in the coding. And the secret to great coding lies in the cod-ER. Our Gold Coast code ninjas have an eye for detail and the skills to deliver to produce an app that will raise the benchmark in industry standards.

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We’re Big on Agile Development

Media Shark App developers Gold Coast practice agile development when developing your app means we can keep our fingers on the pulse of what your market wants yesterday, today, and long into the future. Responding to their needs as they arise will increase your apps reliability, performance, and build in the quality that your clients expect.

info card coding

Native Coding on Most Platforms

Our versatility means we can use the specified code for your preferred platform. No clunky workarounds, no fitting square pegs in round holes, just pure straightforward bliss all round as we work within the parameters of dedicated systems. Media Shark app developers are the best coders in the Gold Coast and Australia!

Your mobile services strategy will include a roadmap of how we’ll achieve your goals. You’ll see the bends and bridges of every stage including how we’ll respond to a variety of situations. Once the app is ready to rumble, we’ll also implement plans for the launch of your brand spanking new app to make sure it gets onto the right screens, fast!

Visual identity is pivotal to your branding and is fundamental to reaching your business goals. Your app must tell your story through colours, styles, tone, and feel.

We take your ideas, mix them with our ideas, and present an initial concept which matches your client’s ideas that they might not even know they have.

Combining your requirements, your apps operating systems, and our flair, we’ll develop the initial concept as the journey progresses to create an initial prototype which we will use for future versions.

Looks great, check! Integrates with the major operating systems, check! Usability, we’ll put a check there too!

Once you’re happy, we’re happy and your users are happy, we’ll check that the data is happy with a stringent user validation process.  The app must respond to every single press and swipe and we spend a lot of time here making sure that your consumer gets exactly what they pay for.

Lastly, we’ll finish the package off with interface and interactive design which makes sure your app is visually appealing and ship-shape and shiny.

To make full use of specialised operating system features, we’ll combine our resources with the system’s capabilities to develop and maintain native mobile apps for use within a specific platform.

Native apps can be developed to integrate across additional platforms as required and hybrid web apps built using JavaScript and HTML5 then interact with native platform features.

We don’t just build your app, we’re also building a future with you. If you want our input with your CMS, API and middleware, on any front or back-end queries, we assure quality in every area and will be with you every step of the way.

To stay ahead, your app must continue to evolve and the overall health of your app is crucial for this innovation. Using recognised proactive monitoring techniques to assess traffic and its actions, we’ll plan a strategy that helps us avoid potential hurdles.

We begin work with your greatness in mind and provide an automatically scalable infrastructure so you don’t have to start from scratch when the app is a sell-out success and you need to increase its capacity.

Our proven testing strategies will keep project managers, testers, and developers across key issues throughout the testing stage to help us evaluate before launch.

With the facility to provide you with updates and upgrades, every new release will fix bugs and further meet the needs of both your business and your consumer.

User Interface Design

UI focuses on what the users might do with your app and make sure that every element is covered to give them a product that is useful and functional. You’re not expected to know what’s involved, just tell us who your market is and we’ll do the rest.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping helps us get a better design for you, faster. We wholly remove all risk of missing features and steps by creating a 3D mock-up well in advance of the development stage.

Back-end Integration

Integrate your app with your website and link it to real-time customer data to get to know your customer and extend the range of features for your app.

App analytics, monitoring, and intelligence

Media Shark App developers Gold Coast do not leave you in the lurch once your app is complete! We’ll install analytics to assess the success of your app, get to know your users and recommend developmental changes required moving forward.

App Store Optimisation

Get your app seen first! Improve your app’s visibility with app store optimisation for App Store, Play Store, and Windows Store

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Regardless of your knowledge of app development, desired level of involvement in the project, and your future business plans, Media Shark has your app development needs covered.

Providing a fully integrated mobile and app development service from start to finish, beginning to end, and from A-Z, all you’ll need to do is sit back and watch your business increase its impact right before your eyes.

However small or large your mobile or web app development project, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

We guarantee we’ll all live ‘appily ever after!