How To Use Gamification On Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As retention and engagement-crisis increases, gamification can act as an effective way to improve your digital marketing strategy.

In the last few months, the two biggest Australian supermarket retailers were in the spotlight not because of their techniques to have a competitive price, but to establish loyalty through their collectables campaign. The scene of a parent going to the counter, holding in one had the shopping receipt and on the other, a child little hand, to collect their Lion King Ooshies or any other reward gift, is classic.

Little Shop, Discovery Garden and Lion King campaigns are just a few examples of how retailers are using gamification to increase sales and loyalty. According to the calculations, the gamification market is expected to reach nearly 12 billion in 2021.

Gamification is one of the current buzzwords in business, bringing some excitement and scepticism. The concept is simple and everybody once in life (at least) already experimented in it. According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, gamification is the use of game techniques to drive engagement in non-game business scenarios and to change behaviours in a target audience to achieve business results.  The conquer of a badge represents the human desire of power, whether someone rewards you or if you are the only one aware of your accomplishment. Several researchers have already proved that rewards release dopamine, the motivational hormone, which keeps human beings seeking for more satisfaction. And, shazam! Here is the true power of gamification. Business can use the following digital marketing strategies combined with gamification to create an idea of feeling rewarded for action rather than just promote your brand on a rational level, like offering a product or a service.  We listed two powerful ways to use gamification on your digital marketing strategy and what we all can learn from the recent gamification campaigns from Australia’s leading supermarkets.   

Increase brand awareness

Mobile apps are nailing the art of using gamification to increase brand awareness. The more you use, the more badges you earn, the more you can share with your friends. This status-building keeps the user engaged and, consequently, they spend more time using it and sharing their experience with others. Dopamine again plays a crucial role here!  One example, the app Flora, which is based on the concept of “planting trees”. When you want to avoid the temptation of looking to your phone, you can “plant a seed” in the app. You can do it by yourself or invite a friend to join you. If you and your friend both succeed in leaving your phones alone, the seed “grows” into a tree.  All the digital marketing campaign is about friendship, quality time, real-life. Following this concept, the user is motivated to invite a friend, so both can earn badges and build their garden. With that, you have more people using and spending more on the app. Many other apps, particularly related to sports, have been using gamification techniques for a long time, nowadays you can see gamification mechanisms in productivity, meditation, ride-sharing and all around us in our day to day lives.   

Employee advocacy for engagement and social marketing

Employees can assist you with your digital marketing campaigns in all sorts of ways. Just to give an example, engagement rates for employee-shared content can reach up to 10x higher than those pushed out by the brand, according to Jay Wilson, the chairperson for Gartner Marketing Symposium.  By incorporating gaming mechanisms in training and internal events/meetings, you can boost the effectiveness of employee learning management. Combined with that, employee-shared content on social networks can increase brand awareness and engagement. So, you kill two birds with one stone.

The truth is, people, love to play. So let them play! Need some assistance to implement gamification techniques in your digital marketing strategy? We would love to help you! Get in contact with us today!