Foldable Phones Are Back!!

Foldable Phones


Foldable phones are back!

It’s 2004 and Carrie Bradshaw is strutting through the streets of New York with her candy pink flip phone! 

Fast forward 16 years and we are starting to see a comeback in this type of accessory in the form of foldable phones. Foldable phones are back!

What is a foldable phone?

As the name suggests, a foldable is a smartphone with a foldable screen. There are a few different variations currently on the market, but flexible screen technology is what makes a foldable device a cut above the traditional smartphone.

Foldable Phones

Who makes foldable phones?

Samsung has been the market leader in foldable smartphones for some time with the Galaxy Z Flip being released in February of last year and the Galaxy Z Fold also available.

Motorola has also released the Razr which is an updated version of the old school Razr, Huawei also has the Mate Xs. The LG Velvet is on the market. There are whispers on the horizon of a Google Pixel Fold to be released soon. But let’s be honest the one we are most excited about is the iPhone Flip.

Apple has not yet released a flip phone however rumour has it that Apple have been working on some concepts which could mean that the iPhone Flip is released in 2023. If Apple gets on board with this type of technology, it could mean a game changer in terms of the way we use our devices and our apps.

Foldable Phones

Why choose a foldable phone?

There are many reasons a foldable is a good option to choose, apart from looking trendy, foldables have larger screens which means double the surface area and screen size which is a plus for users reading large documents or even watching movies on the commute home.

For some employees or students who perhaps need to multitask, having the ability to browse separate tabs on the internet across 2 screens is a bonus, some employees who work “on the go” may benefit from the option to work from a foldable phone.

Foldables are compact, they are generally going to be half the size of a normal smartphone when folded, which means they are a lot smaller and easier to carry around in your pocket 🙂

Having a smaller device is just more convenient and may mean the user doesn’t have to carry an ipad, tablet or laptop in addition to their device.

Although foldables are a touch flimsier and easier to break, they have double the space behind their screens which means more room for components and gizmos.

Will foldable phones make a come-back?

Now, there is a reason they died out before – lack of demand. However, technology has improved vastly since we walked around with our old flip phones and according to a recent report by Statista, foldable smartphones are set to dominate the market by 2025 with 50.1 million units to be shipped globally. 

Samsung is also set to release another 3 foldable/flip phones in 2021. There is a mass amount of smartphones about to hit the market.

Building Apps For Foldables

How will foldable phones affect app development?

So let’s get down to the tech!

With foldable phones, there will be an increase in the app development time and cost. The reason for this is that software developers will now need to create assets for foldables which vary in screen sizing and dimensions due to the ongoing changes in design.

With this in mind developers will need to conduct a mass amount of testing and prepare for the complications that can and will arise with a multi window app configuration. app developers need to stay ahead of the game by ensuring they are prepared. There is the opportunity however for amazing ui/ux design with the foldables.

The downside is the cost, with the extra time and development being passed on to the end client, it remains to be seen whether first time app builds and start ups will want to invest the extra money to create apps for foldables. 

Final Thoughts

Foldable phones are trendy and fun and now that technology has evolved, we at Media Shark believe we are only just seeing the beginning of the foldable phone. There is a huge gap in the market for innovation and technology which will take the gimmicky side out of the foldable phone and make them productive devices which can make our lives easier. We have already seen a trend in the on demand app which essentially are apps that make our lives easier. If foldable phones continue down the route of assisting with productivity. They could be a game changer in smartphone technology.


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