My Experience as a Media Shark Intern

In December of last year, I was about to finish my Diploma of Social Media course. The program was great but I felt that I had a lack of local experience. I had already graduated as a journalist in the best Journalism course in my home country and worked a few years as a Public Relations Analyst, during which time I worked on projects for Heineken Brazil and the World Surf League, for example. But after moving to Australia, I felt that I needed local experience because the business culture here is different.

I contacted Media Shark because I identified myself with some of their projects, especially because they offer a comprehensive range of services from graphic design to app development. Also, I need to say that I really liked the name that is totally related to my lifestyle! I live on a sailing boat and I love the ocean, and I share some boat life aspects on my personal blog called Vitamin Sea.

But, coming back to the reason why I chose Media Shark to do my internship, I liked the fact they have clients from different industries that would give me a variety of perspectives on how digital marketing can be strategic according to each industry.

Here are three reasons why my time as an intern at Media Shark was an enriching period.

1. Real, hands-on projects: I was not just an intern taking copies and bringing coffee

During my 3-month internship at Media Shark, I was involved in real, hands-on projects, working with real digital marketing campaigns. I consider this one of the key points of this period. In big corporations, it’s common to see interns just doing secondary tasks that don’t have a connection with real projects. Organising folders, taking copies and bringing coffee to the team are some of them. Sounds pathetic but it’s true. I already heard many stories of friends who decided to do an internship to improve their professional skills but in the end, they were in charge of file organisation.

At Media Shark, I had the chance to start SEO campaigns from the beginning, including how to develop a link-building strategy and how to work with guest posts to help businesses rank higher on Google. Also, I put into practice a social media strategy for a customer where we increased the engagement rate by 214%, converting traffic from social media to the website. It was exciting to apply what I learned on the Diploma of Social Media Marketing course in practice and see real results.


2. Focus on the skills that I had a lack of experience with

As I worked as a Public Relations Analyst in Brazil, I already had experience writing content for online channels. But all that I knew about SEO was what I researched and applied in my blog. I never had the chance to work in a real project, where budget, conversion and timeframe matters. At Media Shark, I had the opportunity to improve my SEO skills, being deeply involved in the project. I knew that I had a lot to learn about and I got the chance to do so, having time to really understand the concepts and not just copy something because that’s the way it was done.


3. Open-minded team

Probably you have already heard the famous quote said by the motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.” In a professional environment, I believe it makes all the difference. When I`m surrounded by open-minded, creative and enthusiastic co-workers, I`m positively influenced by them and it has an amazing impact on the team. Consequently, it is reflected in the work delivered to the client. At the Media Shark office, there`s always a great atmosphere, which makes me feel comfortable to ask any question or to share my insights.

After these three months of internship, I can say that my skills in SEO and managing digital marketing campaigns increased exponentially. Now, I feel ready to jump in with fresh eyes and take on even bigger projects at Media Shark.



Gabriela Damaceno


After earning my bachelor degree in Journalism, I entered the Inbound Marketing world to explore my passion for storytelling, content strategy, and social media. Outside of the office, I am a self-proclaimed ocean lover, beginner sailor and travel addict.