Everything you need to know about building a profitable website in 2018

Everything you need to know about building a profitable website in 2018

Entering 2018, building a website is accessible, convenient and – dare I say it – almost expected. Media shark share some top tips on Building A Profitable Website in 2018.

From businesses of all shapes and sizes to bloggers and online traders, developing an online calling card in 2018 is a must, whatever your profession or passion.

While web developers have spent years sharpening their coding and design skills to get more creative with the aesthetics and functionality of a website, DIY templates have made it much easier for beginners to build their own.

In 2018, you’ll find a wide range of website-building options whatever your skillset level but unfortunately, what these options often overlook is creating a website that’s profitable.

Profitability can mean either selling your product or service effectively, or creating a site purely to build monetary value so you can sell it on in the future.

Lack of foresight to this essential element can leave many websites dead in the water with the owner (you!) having to start again once they realise they’ve missed key factors in the early stages.

Regardless of your budget, taste, or level of expertise, to create an all-singing, all-dancing profitable website in 2018, here’s everything you need to consider:

1) SEO

SEO Media SharkAn effective SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy is non-negotiable. A lot of clients who come through our door say they’re not interested in SEO believing that website copy with some keywords thrown in will be enough.

Big mistake.

SEO is highly specialised and if you don’t have all the technical elements in place, you risk being the proud owner of a website that Google and other major search engines will penalise putting you at a distinct disadvantage from the outset.

Of course, you can learn SEO yourself but it’s complex and time-consuming and if it isn’t your core business, I highly recommend engaging with an expert to guarantee that it’s done correctly.

2) Ongoing administration and maintenance

Building a website isn’t something you do once and then forget about. Once you’ve established your digital footprint, you’re in a relationship with it for good if you want to make a profit!

Updates and administration will become a part of your life from the moment you cut the ribbon on your new site. You can either maintain your site yourself, or hand it over to a web developer to do for you. Generally, they’ll charge a monthly fee, but this will keep your site current and ensure that everything’s in place for traffic to find you and have a seamless experience once they get there.

3) Web apps

WordPress has made it easy for middle-of-the-road developers to create a website that looks and feels nice and provides the user with an adequate level of functionality. While this bog-standard form of development gets the job done, it severely inhibits future growth for the site and rarely provides exceptional service for your traffic.

Web apps are programs run in a web browser which allows users to interact with your site. Examples of web apps are instant messaging features, online sales stores, and intranets.

Web apps aren’t an option for WordPress templates and for this reason, are sorely overlooked in a lot of web development as they require highly-skilled coders to create the features.

Using web apps to build you site will increase the level of interaction you have with your audience and will keep them engaged to give you a better chance of selling your product. Apps will also provide you with the capacity to grow your site into the future.

If you don’t require web apps at this stage of your development, always make sure your site offers the capability to add them on in the future.

4) Focus on your domain authority

domain name

Domain authority (DA) and spam score are two important factors from Moz.com.  Your DA shows the power and authority your domain has, the higher the DA number the better the monetary value of your website when it comes time to sell.

Your DA isn’t a manual setting you can change so a genuine strategy must be adopted to improve this. Focus a content strategy on getting credible backlinks to your site, providing engaging content that keeps users on your site for longer, and engage with an SEO strategist to make sure the back end is technically sound.

The key to increasing your domain authority to grow the profitability of your site is to be patient but consistent.

5) Build your site with room to grow

While a nice landing page telling people who you are may serve you now, adding the capability to turn this into a multi-page fully-functioning site in the future will positively impact your potential profitability.

Discuss all possible features you’d like to see on your site, no matter how far in the future they are, so when the time comes, you don’t have to go back and start a new website from scratch.

6) Pick a popular niche.

If you’re building a website purely to grow its value to sell it on in the future, firstly pick a niche that’s popular. Sport, fashion, hobbies, and travel are all good places to start but there’s no restriction on this and the choice is yours.

Next, create and execute an effective content strategy targeting a range of popular keywords and phrases. Consistently upload unique, quality content to start building your audience. This will take time but once you have a genuine stream of traffic to your site you can then start to make money directly in a range of ways.

Advertising, affiliate links, or selling products directly; the data that your traffic brings is absolute gold and once you have a robust audience, there’s no limit to how you make a profit from your site.

There are over 1 billion websites in existence today, make yours one of the profitable ones!

Contact Media Shark today to discuss how we can maker you a profitable website.

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