Email Marketing Trends 2021: Take Your Campaigns to Another Level

Email marketing trends 2021 If you’ve had an eye on email marketing recently, you know that it’s rapidly changing. We’re now in a new era of email marketing, and this is good news for marketers who want to get noticed online. More people all around the globe are using the internet (and email) than ever before. Also, users are spending more time in front of the phone and computer screens. With rising numbers, it’s no wonder the tides are turning.

With new trends taking centre stage, you can no longer rely on the tried and true to stand out. You need to know what things are converting users today. In this guide, we’ll take on the top email marketing trends that work in 2019.

Customer Experience Email Marketing

Along with the rise of email marketing comes the increase in customer experience. What exactly is the customer experience? In the email world, it refers to a strategy where the focus is on the customer and his/her needs. It’s about being helpful and personalized with less emphasis on promotion. 

Why does this work? Today, 65% of buyers claim that a positive experience with a brand is more influential than advertising. If you’re able to focus on creating a high-level, value-rich customer experience, this will translate to more significant profit for your business. 

Whatever your original promise is when you encourage users to sign up, you need to follow through on. Once you’ve done that, you’ve successfully utilized customer experience email marketing

Utilizing More Visuals

Text-based emails have long reigned supreme, especially in a mobile-first world. But, like most things digital marketing, times are changing. There have been many advancements in visuals recently as far as emails are concerned, and top email marketers are putting these to good use. 

From 3D visuals, custom illustrations, and unexpected background colours, all of these things are helping marketers tell their brand story. The reality is that those white-backgrounded text emails are becoming too commonplace. Users are able to tone them out of their email experience. They don’t command attention like they once did. 

Using visuals is also a way to create an intelligent design that’s able to achieve more. For instance, embedded video, surveys, and even gamification have helped engage subscribers in campaigns. While some of this technology is still in the works, the resurgence of visuals shows just how close we are to these new goals. Using good sourcing strategies for your IT leaders is the best way to bring about this change. 

Quality Deliverability

Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, are making it harder to get your emails noticed. Too often campaigns end up in the dreaded SPAM folder, negating all of that hard work. Email marketers are turning to new strategies to improve email deliverability in 2019 and beyond. 

How is this possible? The perspective needs to change. Gone are the days of focusing on sending as many emails as possible. Now it’s all about sending high-quality emailed to a highly segmented audience. Segmentation, data hygiene, and email verification are more crucial than ever before. 

Using data to target new, engaged subscribers is the best way to cut down on deliverability. By the end of 2019, 246 billion emails will be sent each day. How do you make sure your email actually reaches your audience with numbers like this? Again, it’s about quality over quantity. 


Mobile Average Order Value (AOV)

Finally, let’s tough on the trend related to mobile average order value (AOV). This is the number of consumers willing to purchase big-ticket things on their smartphone. Today, this number is sky-high. In the past, most consumers used a desktop for these larger purchases. As smartphones continue to be a part of everyday life, they’re becoming a part of large purchases as well. 

Now is the time to upsell your best customers. If you have high engagement, don’t hesitate to promote your top-level products through email. This is the golden age of mobile AOV. The key to converting on these sales is to have a good foundation of trust. This all loops back to the customer experience trend we referred to earlier. 


The Future of Email Marketing

We can all agree that the future of email marketing looks bright. While it’s true it’s changed a lot in the past few years, this momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon. There are several new trends hitting the world of email, and the top ones are explained above. 

Which trends do you think are the best fit for your business goals? If you’re trying to reach your audience confidently, you need to know how to navigate emails effectively. There’s no time to waste. With more and more emails sent every day, it’s time to make sure yours are noticed. 



Guest Post written by Ashley Lipman