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Digital Marketing is evolving quickly and sophisticated strategies implemented seamlessly and with precision can pack a powerful online punch. We are a Digital Marketing Agency with our fingers on the pulse.

The whole world is now at our fingertips and by using online and mobile services to their full capacity, data-driven services give you the power to meet your target market where they are, and display your product or service in front of them at the point they’re ready to buy.


Digital Marketing agency that believe in strategy, not opportunity.

There are a multitude of ways for you to get yourself seen and heard online, but to make a digital point of difference to your competitor, digital marketing agencies now need to be strategic rather than react to opportunities that present themselves.

Yes, you can get short-term results from your environment, but, at Media Shark, we’re a digital marketing agency committed to using our expertise to get you long-term, sustainable results rather than a short-term fanfare which will die out before you’ve even closed off end of month.

Your digital strategy is a marathon, not a sprint and we’ll demonstrate your ongoing results with cold hard data displaying measurable ROI, increased sales, and increased exposure of your product.

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If you think that the perfect product is the most important part of your success, you’re only half correct. Your brand identity is also an integral factor in the success of your business but it’s something that is all too often overlooked. Our digital marketing agency can create or re-brand your company so that it is 100% on point!


Consistency is key.

Enter brand identity to disrupt the common belief that your brand is just a logo! Your brand is the all-important personality of your business which needs to charm the socks off your target market! You brand must be clear, consistent, and offer a true representation of what your company stands for. If you fail to build a strong brand from the outset, you risk confusing your customers and will make it impossible to connect with your market.

Our brand services will help your customers get to know you and encourage them to take action with you without you having to say a word.

Know who you are

If you don’t yet know who you are, believe us when we say neither will your customers! Your brand defines who you are and what you represent. Ask yourself, if your customer was on your website and your name was missing, would they still know it was you?

If you want to create a powerful, unforgettable online identity that is instantly recognisable to your customers, we will super charge you existing image or rocket launch a brand new one into the digital era leaving your competitors floundering at ground zero.


“Media Shark – Turning average to awesome”


Whether you’re looking for a complete brand restyle from top to bottom or you simply need a logo and some business cards, you’ll receive the same bespoke service from our team. Not only do we provide our clients with an exceptional service that gets results, we also offer an experience they won’t forget.

Create Content That Goes Viral

Our team of content writers create content that sells and will get you noticed

Digital Marketing Agency that Meet your audience where they are!


Social media networking takes place in the online city that never sleeps! There's little choice in your presence on at least one or two platforms these days but if hash-tagging your way to success isn’t your forte, don't worry, because it's ours! We'll choose the platforms which best suit you and your business, and we'll design and implement a social media strategy that meets your audience where they are, and talks to them in the words they like to listen to, whatever the time of night or day!

Email Marketing services

Your potential customer's email address is overlooked as one of the most important elements in the keys to your success. Email marketing provides the highest ROI of any other form of digital marketing and gives you a medium to build relationships which will build your business. Don't know where to start? You don't need to! We've got the skills and experience to implement sophisticated email campaigns consisting of full sales sequences, marketing campaigns and everything from cold emails, to onboarding, and beyond.

Make life easy for yourself! Our digital marketing agency combines your priorities with our digital services to grow your reach organically and effectively to achieve your business goals. With a creative approach to social media, email marketing campaigns, and online opportunities, your tailor-made strategy guarantees results for your business long into the future.

Creative solutions

Our creativity is key to your individuality! We let our imaginations run wild to produce a unique digital campaign which attracts your buyer and offers a point of difference to your competitor.

Superior ideas

With diverse digital experience, extensive industry insight, and the technical competency to match, there’s nothing run-of-the-mill or blah about our digital delivery. Expect excellence.


Sleek, chic, and completely unique. Our designers have got the eye for the detail your audience are looking for and will create a product that formulates your front-end finesse.


Our code is as clean as our pristine desks! And we’re not just showing off, our commitment to both office and coding hygiene, saves you time, money, and enhances your user experience. No more complicated coding which turns your audience OFF.

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Focus On ROI.

Any old digital media ‘tactician’ can get you to the number one spot in the rankings, but nothing changes for your business once you get there.
What’s the point in that? You’ve spent your budget, you’re months behind on your digital marketing plan, and you essentially need to start again.


By devising a digital marketing strategy that increases your presence we’ll target customers who are proactive and ready to take action and bring them to your website and services. While many digital marketing ‘experts’ stop at improving your rankings, our services and strategies go one step further and increase the value to your business giving you the best ROI around.

Results in an Ethical Way

Digital marketing agencies can get a bad rap, and when we look at some of the tactics that shonky companies engage, it’s no surprise! There are many unethical ways to get people to visit your site and get your name out there which, still, sadly, have somewhat of an effect.

While a quick-fix might seem appealing, your traffic will be of poor quality, it’s never going to convert, and it’s a waste of time and money. Media Shark puts into place short, mid, and long-term digital marketing strategies which are tailor made to you, your goals, and meet the needs of your target market.
We don’t have tactics, we have a digital marketing strategy. The rankings you’ll achieve will stand the test of time and will add value to your business long into the future, regardless of how Google updates their algorithms and how fickle your market.

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$3000 AUD

Our digital strategy agency combines your priorities with our digital services to grow your reach organically and effectively to achieve your business goals.