Coronavirus affecting businesses: what can we do about it?

Coronavirus affecting businesses: what can we do about it?

This week has started with a lot of unknowns for all of us with the advance of the coronavirus. The message we deliver to you is that although this can be a tough time for businesses, there is also room for an opportunity if we look to take a different approach.

At Media Shark, we understand that in times of crisis it’s imperative to think outside the box, see things with other perspectives and to remain resilient in times of adversity. 

What is changing?

In times with self-isolation recommendations and social distance, it is worth taking advantage of technology. Working from home, meeting via Skype, Hangout or zoom and many other platforms are some of the privileges of the connected world that we live in.

With more people going in quarantine, what are the products that they will be consuming? At the same time that we see a massive decline in the travel & hospitality sectors, e-commerce seems to be increased gradually, according to research released by Content Square

Fitness programs to do at home, online courses to improve a skill, meals subscriptions are some of them. The possibilities are endless, and now it is time for businesses to rethink their relationship with their customer

From marketer’s perspective, as people are spending more time at home, social media would be a better channel for advertising? Probably, yes! Another possibility would be offline channels as the news website had increased traffic in more than 15%. 

We’re all in this together – and we will see it out together, too. 🙂

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