Confused about hosting? Here’s the lowdown on which hosting you should choose and our top pick SiteGround Australia

Unless you're well-versed in the lingo of servers, domains, networks and the elusive ‘cloud', trying to find the most suitable option for hosting your website isn't for the faint-hearted.

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At the last count, there were 6909 different languages spoken across the globe.
But as many can attest, that number is more like 6910 because, for many, web hosting can be a language of its own! our top pick SiteGround Australia.

Unless you’re well-versed in the lingo of servers, domains, networks and the elusive ‘cloud’, trying to find the most suitable option for hosting your website isn’t for the faint-hearted.

While for many, it’s easier to pay someone and be done with it, for others (you, I assume, because you’re here), it’s important that you have some level of understanding of how your money’s being spent to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your business.

What is hosting?

Anyone who has a domain name must have a hosting provider. Website data is stored, or ‘hosted’, on a server so that it can be accessed by the front-end user. Quite simple so far, but there are many kinds of hosting options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to decide which is the most suitable for your website.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a physical server that hosts a number of websites and it’s one of the most common ways to host a website, particularly for individuals and small businesses.

When you choose shared hosting, you share the server’s resources with other website owners, which means your usage is likely to be capped (including the number of domains you can register) to make sure that all their customers receive a good level of service without overloading their server’s capabilities.

Benefits of shared hosting

Lower cost

Shared hosting is one of the more cost-effective but less flexible options for hosting. Sharing operational costs with other users keeps them low and for small businesses with a lower level of traffic, shared hosting will fit into most budgets.

Most hosting companies such as SiteGround will provide shared hosting and will often have a range of packages, one of which will undoubtedly suit your needs.

Because you’re not paying directly for your own unique needs, shared hosts offer a standard service and can afford to keep their prices competitive.


There are countless options for shared hosting in Australia which mean there’s a lot of competition and you’re likely to find a package that has everything you need so it’s important that you shop around. There’s no need to accept a blanket package and SiteGround has a large number of shared hosting options for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting quite literally does what it says on the tin. It’s a server dedicated to one client (your business) for one purpose (your website(s)). Some of the benefits of dedicated hosting are as follows:

 It’s customisable to you

You can have more control over dedicated hosting than you can with other options. You can customise CPU, disk space, and usage allowance to create a solution that suits your needs to a tee.

No downtime with SiteGround

We live in a fast-paced world and I’d say most, if not all, companies can’t afford to have any downtime on their website. If someone clicks on your web page to find error messages or a slow system, they will click over to your competitor faster than it takes your page to load. When you choose a dedicated server as your solution, downtime will be minimised with sophisticated backup solutions which will keep your websites running 100% of the time.

SiteGround Security is Second to none

Now I’m not saying other hosting options don’t have security measures in place because obviously, they do. But when you have a dedicated server you can tailor firewalls and anti-virus software to suit your unique vulnerabilities offering a more streamlined security service for you.

Less congestion

If the needs of your business require dedicated hosting you’re likely to have a high volume of traffic using your server which can potentially slow it down. Dedicated servers are tailored to your usage which will make your website run more efficiently.

SiteGround Support

When you use a dedicated server you’re likely to have a support person or team who are committed to you and your smooth-running website. When you rely on your website for your business, this is essential. The support from SiteGround Australia is second to none!

Cloud hosting

Ahh, the mysterious cloud.

We’ve all heard of it but who can really tell you what it is?! Well, to clear things up, a cloud server isn’t actually a cirrus or nimbus in the sky. Cloud hosting takes place through a network of online web servers rather than a physical server.

Cloud hosting is one of the relatively newer kids on the hosting block with many businesses turning to cloud hosts such as Amazon or SiteGround.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?


Rather than having one physical server which has a limit that can be reached, cloud servers get their resource from a number of networks in the cloud which means that they can increase or decrease their capacity based on what you need. Your hosting service can fluctuate in line with the demands of your business making this one of the more flexible options.


It’s impossible to damage a cloud server which means this form of hosting provides almost 100% reliability as far as your data is concerned. You will also have access to a broad range of options to back up your data

SiteGround Migrator Plugin

Even though some people are not happy with their existing hosting sometimes the thoughts of making the move can be all too much and mean that we end up staying with a sub-standard provider.

With the SiteGround Migrator plugin it really couldn’t be easier. Transfer any WordPress website to SiteGround from ANY host with ease using the SiteGround Migrator plugin, you can even transfer multiple sites using the plugin. The plugin is easy to use for someone of any technical skill or ability, don’t leave it any longer get your WordPress website in the best possible hands and transfer to SiteGround.

Which host should I choose?

You should now understand the differences between the three main types of host and which one would suit you and your business best.

Cost, flexibility, reliability, and security should all be taken into consideration to decide which kind of hosting will work best for your website, the rest, is up to you!

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