App Development – The 3 Most Wanted Apps That Don’t Exist Yet

Apps that don't exist yet

With the worldwide number of smartphone users on the rise, App development is and an all-time high and it’s hard to imagine a life before them. It is estimated that there are more connected devices in the world than there are people. 

With Android and IOS taking the forefront of this industry. We are continuing to see the ongoing trend in apps that make our lives easier, more interactive, and even allow the government to monitor us.

Mobile apps have changed the way we live, and the way we connect with our families, friends, and peers. So in a world where everything is literally at our fingertips, you would think that everything we can possibly think of has already been created right? – Wrong!

The list is ongoing however below are 3 apps that don’t exist yet that we here at Media Shark believe could be on the cusp of creation:


1) Apps that don’t exist yet – Scan & Shop

An app that allows the user to scan an outfit, whether it be the gold coast girl on the street or one of the presenters on the Project. This app would allow the user to find out which retail store the outfit is from and order it online straight away – this idea has been done before but for music, wine, and food. Yet we still have not seen one for clothing. The potential for the retail industry here is tremendous particularly given this industry, in particular, has taken a hit in recent years and now needs to find a new way to evolve and adapt.


2) Apps that don’t exist yet – Battery Share 

An app that allows you to connect to someone else’s phone and use their charge if you’re running low. We have seen portable chargers and all kinds of cumbersome gizmos to carry around in addition to our humble telephone however we are yet to discover an application that lets the user “borrow” a little bit of charge from a friend or colleague. Of course, the app would need to be protected to prevent other users from zapping other people’s battery life however wouldn’t it be nice to be safe in the knowledge that you would never be caught out again. A good safety tool for the younger generation when mum and dad are worrying if their teenage daughter managed to get on the last bus.


3) Apps that don’t exist yet – Restaurant Seating

A real-time app that lets the user know what seats are available in a restaurant and allows the user to book a table to ensure they get the best view of the river or the sunset. It would also let the user know if a seat is about to become free. As a tourist, a family with young children or even for an impulse business meeting this would be a great app to help the user find somewhere amazing and suitable minus the queuing at the door or the inconvenient wait at the bar only to be put at a tiny table next to the toilet. There are apps available that benefit the restaurateur – Waitlist Me and Hostme provide texts and notifications when your table is ready to save you queuing but there is nothing out there yet that can give you a tailored, unique experience like the above.


Only time will tell if these ideas ever make it to market however with Apps now becoming a way of life and the way we work and communicate. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they think of next!

At Media Shark, our niche is building web and app software development. We specialise in native and hybrid app design If you have an idea you want to be brought to life, please reach out to us, our passion is turning your ideas into reality.