App Development – The 3 Most Wanted Apps That Don’t Exist Yet (Updated 2024)

With the widespread adoption of AI and continuous technological advancements, are there still untapped opportunities for new and innovative apps to be developed?

Since I first wrote this article technology has advanced a vast amount particularly with the now widespread adoption of AI. What make this evolution so exciting is the greater capacity and opportunity to transform ideas into reality through innovation.

Back in 2020 the worldwide number of smartphone users was on the rise, App development was at an all-time high and it was hard to imagine a life before them. It was estimated that there were more connected devices in the world than there were people. 

Mobile apps changed the way we lived, and connected with our families, friends, and peers. Apps represented the pinnacle of ambition for aspiring young entrepreneurs with digital startups.

Fast forward 4 years and the landscape has changed. With the enduring effects of the pandemic and volatile economy only an elite group have managed to not only survive but thrive in the app ecosystem. 

During its height of popularity, The app stores became saturated with millions of apps available across various catergories and the competition for user attention was intense making it challenging for newer of less established apps to gain traction. Users also experienced app fatigue due to the overwhelming amount of apps available and began saving valuable space on their home screens for just a few tried and tested applications.

The evolving landscape of app usage and technology trends can be attributed in part to the impact of large tech companies. These companies played a significant role in shaping app development practices, distribution channels, privacy standards, and user experiences within their ecosystems resulting in overall decline in the popularity or relevance of certain apps.

With this being said, despite the evolving landscape, we firmly believe that there continues to be a strong and viable market for apps. While the dynamics may have shifted, presenting new challenges and opportunities, the demand for innovative and purposeful applications remains significant. This transformed landscape requires app developers and entrepreneurs to adapt their strategies, embrace emerging trends, and leverage advancements in technology to meet evolving user needs and preferences. Ultimately, the potential for success in the app market persists, albeit in a context that demands agility, creativity, and a keen understanding of market dynamics.

Let’s take a look at the 3 most wanted apps that don’t exist yet: 

1) Apps that don’t exist yet – AI Enabled Virtual Cooking Assistant

An app that assists users in cooking and meal planning. The app can suggest recipes based on available ingredients, dietary preferences, and nutritional requirements. It can also provide cooking instructions, tips, and real-time assistance through voice commands.

Apps that dont exist yet

2) Apps that don’t exist yet – Battery Share 

An app that allows you to connect to someone else’s phone and use their charge if you’re running low. We have seen portable chargers and all kinds of cumbersome gizmos to carry around in addition to our humble telephone however we are yet to discover an application that lets the user “borrow” a little bit of charge from a friend or colleague. Of course, the app would need to be protected to prevent other users from zapping other people’s battery life however wouldn’t it be nice to be safe in the knowledge that you would never be caught out again. A good safety tool for the younger generation when mum and dad are worrying if their teenage daughter managed to get on the last bus.

3) Apps that don’t exist yet – Restaurant Seating

A real-time app that lets the user know what seats are available in a restaurant and allows the user to book a table to ensure they get the best view of the river or the sunset. It would also let the user know if a seat is about to become free. As a tourist, a family with young children or even for an impulse business meeting this would be a great app to help the user find somewhere amazing and suitable minus the queuing at the door or the inconvenient wait at the bar only to be put at a tiny table next to the toilet. There are apps available that benefit the restaurateur – Waitlist Me and Hostme provide texts and notifications when your table is ready to save you queuing but there is nothing out there yet that can give you a tailored, unique experience like the above.

*Whilst there still hasn’t bee an app created which does the above – Apps within the restaurant industry continue to be huge, partucliarly post pandemic when people are looking to reconnect in person and venues are wanting to bring customers back into their establishments. 

Eat Club 

Eat Club is a recently created “food tech startup” founded by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White to help restaurants in fillling their empty seats during quiet times thoughout the day with the aim of bringing customers back to restaurants.

“EatClub connects customers with restaurants who have spare tables on any given day/night. The mobile app helps restaurants fill these spare tables while the customers receive great deals in return.”

Only time will tell if these ideas ever make it to market however with Apps now becoming a way of life and the way we work and communicate. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they think of next!

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