A Guide To Building Your Own On Demand App

On Demand App

You may have read our previous article about On Demand Apps – The Future Of App Development? We had so much fun writing that article that we decided to create a brief step by step guide of how to create your own on demand app.

The on demand app market has become extremely diverse in the last 18 months, particularly with the lockdowns we have all endured and predictably on-demand delivery services in particular have become an inevitable part of everyday life.

Convenience is king, so whether it be ordering a take away or pre-ordering a prescription, the on demand app market is booming!

Having worked on some on-demand app projects ourselves here at Media Shark, we wanted to share our insights to help you decide – “What app should I make next?”


E Moped


1) Choose your target audience or industry


It is important to know which niche, or industry that you want to target; You may already have a successful restaurant and want to expand into the delivery market or this may be your first start up and it’s just an idea at this stage – do your research and find out your competitors.

The on demand economy is strong but that also means there is a lot of competition out there, do you really want to go up against big players such as Uber or Amazon? Is there another market where you could have optimal success?

Stick to an industry that you have confidence and experience in, or even choose a demographic which is close to your own so when you do your market research you’re already a step ahead.


2) Identify their problem & find their solution


Most consumers wanting to use an on demand service are using it simply for convenience. So how can you “bridge the gap” between the consumer and what they want/need?

One of the first on demand apps we were involved with was for eMoped – The “problem” the consumer had was getting from point A-B in the city, the “solution” was an app where the consumer could book a moped that they could use for their journey and leave it at a certain location once finished with their ride. Problem solved!




3) Can you connect buyers and sellers?


The key to success is the ability to connect consumers with what exactly it is that they want. Now you need to decide – are you an aggregator or will you provide an end-to-end service?

Amazon Pharmacy is an aggregator – connecting an array of pharmacies to customers
Dominoes is a full end to end service – providing its own product to customers

We recently worked on a project for Jays Food Emporium. Jays Food Emporium is a restaurant and take away which provides a delicious selection of food, sauces and seasonings at affordable prices. The consumer orders directly on the app and then collect at one of two locations. Therefore, Jays food Emporium provides an “end to end” service


4) Decide on the “must have” features of your app


  • Real time tracking – an absolute must have, people want to see where their product is and how long it’s going to take to get to them.
  • Easy registration – make the sign up process easy and quick – 21% of people abandon an app after one use, so make sure you don’t lose them by making the sign up process too lengthy
  • Easy and secure payments – of course, people want to trust you and ensure their money is safe, so make sure you have a secure payment process
  • Reviews/ratings – give people the chance to provide feedback whether positive or negative, any interaction with your audience is a good one 🙂
  • Push notifications – push notifications are a quick and direct way to speak to your user, they don’t get missed in a junk folder and give the user a polite reminder that your app is there
  • Navigation – it does exactly what it says on the tin – a navigation feature simply allows your user to navigate their way through the different screens and pieces of content within your app




5) Prototype your app


At this stage, it is imperative to test your app and ensure it is user friendly and functional – the testing phase is key to an app’s success and will iron out any niggles or hurdles.

App prototyping is extremely important especially if you need investment. It gives everyone involved including designers, developers and investors the opportunity to test the app and see how it will work and look to the everyday user.

A slow loading app with poor functionality and complicated UI is the death of any app and is the main cause for people to uninstall very quickly, so ensuring this doesn’t happen is crucial.

(More about app prototyping and the importance in our next article)


6) Costs involved?


You will of course at this stage have some idea of the end cost, and the amount of hours that will go into developing the final product. However you also need to ensure you have a budget in place for any additional extras that will come out after UAT Testing.

Be mindful that you will need to create your app for IOS and Android for both back end and front end users.

Developing the app itself is of course not going to be the only cost, you will need to ensure you have set your budget for a marketing campaign to bring excitement and anticipation to the product before it’s launched so it’s best to ensure you start small, local and gradually scale your business.



7) Testing


During the testing phase of your app, you will gain invaluable feedback and insights, the testing phase gives you an opportunity to develop and build rapport with your potential audience and is the final stage in assessing whether your app is ready to go into the market.

It is important to continuously perform UI and UX tests throughout the development.


8) Conclusion


Of course building an app for the first time can be a daunting experience but it can also be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience too.

Make sure you have researched every aspect of your industry and product, don’t run before you can walk and be ready for any unexpected pitfalls.

But most of all, keep going – if you truly believe you have a great idea, you have taken the first steps to make it a reality!

Contact us if you have a great idea for an app!