8 Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Be Wary Of To Enjoy High SEO Rankings

You’ve probably optimised every single element on your website as per Google’s guidelines? You are adopting all possible SEO strategies but still are unable to rank better on Google SERPs? Well, you’re not alone and that is why we listed the most common SEO mistakes!

The reason being: Google keeps on updating its algorithms and keeps on rolling new updates. In this ever-advancing era, adopting safe and ethical practices is the only way to success. And while implementing all such strategies, we all unknowingly tend to commit certain SEO mistakes which cost us huge in the long run.

Familiarize yourself with all common SEO mistakes given below and boost your website’s ranking. Read on!

1. Featuring low-quality content

So you’re on cloud 9 now as you have found an ultimate route to get content at the best prices? After all, what’s wrong with article spinning software and low paid article writers? How does originality matter? If you think the same, well, this is one of the reasons that you’re not able to fetch a good rank in SERPs till date!

Undoubtedly, search engines love original content, but are you writing content solely for the robots? No. It is your visitors whom you need to target.

The idea here is to add value to the world wide web! When you work on a piece of content, chances are there are content on the same topic already out there. Take a look around and see if what you have to say on the matter has anything new and valuable compared to what others have already published. If not do your research, find it and add to your work. The more value you can provide to the reader, the better your content is and the better chances it has for ranking highly.

It is therefore essential to write content which is not only original but is grammatically sound and engaging too, should not matter if you have to pay $50 extra per article! See it as a long-term investment, and it will pay you huge returns, guaranteed!

2. Publishing copied content

Undoubtedly, publishing copied content was a normal practice some years back. But, today, search engines have taken it seriously and to say the least, Google can penalize you for this approach. Thus, to stay safe and acquire top rankings, it is highly recommended to flaunt original text which is not only informative but well-researched too.

There will be times when you like content so much and want to share with your audience as is. It’s not a crime to do that but as your intuitions have been telling you, mention the source of the content, link back to it. The creator of the original one will love you for this and Google will know that you’re not trying to steal someone else’s hard work.

3. Going for link quantity instead of link quality

As it is said, 1 high-quality link from the reputed website is far better than 10 low-quality links. Hell, these 10 low-quality ones might as well kill your chances of ranking forever so DO NOT try to build 10 or 100 low-quality links instead of trying to earn that one good link. Undoubtedly, gaining links from such websites is tough, and that’s perhaps why Google trusts them so much and gives you bonus points in case you have earned them. To summarize:

  • Focus on links from reputed websites which belong to your niche;
  • Acquire links from sites which do not have a lot of outgoing links;
  • Make sure that your chosen sites do not link to gambling, pharmacy or adult websites.

4. Unnatural or spammy links

We talked about the importance of gaining links in the point mentioned above. And this was well utilized by a few businesses which took the internet by storm by launching their own link farms and private blog networks. The main aim of such platforms was to create outgoing links for your website. And this is when Google started to penalizing all such activities. You are simply digging a pit for yourself by relying on such unethical practices.

5. Unnatural anchor text

So you have a shoe store and you want traffic to your business website. You want to rank for best men’s shoes so you build 100 links all with the anchor text “best men’s shoes”.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed to kill all possibilities of your website ranking in the SERPs!

Please stop for a moment and think, if you are really awesome and people naturally link to you, will they all be linking to you with the same anchor text? How many of them will even use the term “best men’s shoes” at all? There! You have your answer. Mix it up, use your brand name often, try to keep the number of money keyword anchors down. Common sense always prevails, it’s true for SEO as well.

Take a look at the anchor text for Zappos, what I said above makes sense? I know it does!

zappos anchors - commom SEO mistakes

6. Not having a mobile-friendly website

You’re already late if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website. Back in 2014 itself, 3 years back, the number of users accessing the web on smartphone surpassed the number of users accessing the internet on the desktop. Well, that was 3 years ago! And realizing that, Google rolled out an update through which it started rewarding websites which were mobile friendly. Simply put, you might lose your rank in search engines if you have not gone mobile yet. But better late than never, it is high time that you start thinking about it.

7. Keyword stuffing

There is nothing worse than a website copy which is poorly put and presented and not enough care is given to enhance the readability of readers. Don’t you hate such websites too? Well, yes, Google hates them too!

Keyword stuffing is one unethical practice by which you illogically stuff the page by targeted keywords, most of the times which do not make any sense to the reader, with the only motive of gaining rank on those keywords. This practice just worked fine 10 years ago, but with Google bots smarter now, this would only swiftly lower the ranking down!

8. Failed website migration

You might want to migrate your website from one platform to another for one reason or another, but care should be taken that you are doing it right not only technically but from the SEO point of view as well. It is highly recommended to migrate your site using redirects such that you don’t lose your visitors as well as the link juice. Access your server and check if all the URLs are correctly redirected. You can also make use of VLOOKUP function by downloading the report from your server.

SEO brief

Over to You

Make sure that you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and keep your website healthy from the SEO point of view. Update your content regularly, keep it informative and most of all engage your reader! What are your views on these mistakes? Did we miss any of the common mistakes? What did you guys get to say on this?


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